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Student Directed One Acts!

Rachel, Theatre Academy | Originally Published: 1/27/2018

Come see student directed plays on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!

The beginning of the year at the Theatre Academy started off busy with the production of eight student directed one act plays. A one act play is a play that takes place in one act instead of the normal 2-5 act model. These plays can be anywhere from 20-40 minutes and can have one character to more than 8 characters! This opportunity to learn about directing a play stems from the class taught by Leslie Ferreira, the Theatre Department Head, Theater 225 or Beginning Direction. The class is described by the college catalogue as:

"The Student learns fundamental concepts in stage direction as explored through lecture, exercise and demonstration. Beginning with play analysis from a director’s point of view to creating a directorial vision, the course includes an introduction to the basic principles of stage directing and the fundamental working techniques for the realization of the values of a play onstage." 

Student Actors during their cue to cue rehearsal

This description however can't even begin to visualize the lessons learned and hard work necessary to succeed. The students or directors are required to choose a one-act play and create a "Prompt Book" in which they outline everything they want and need for their play from sound cues to acting exercises to character motivations for each spoken thought. To be able to bring these plays to fruition however, one must be a part of the Theatre Academy and have gone through 2 years of training. From that point, the most organized, on time, and best prompt books get chosen. The culmination of 2 years gets the actor ready to get a chance to try their hands at directing. This way, students are able to try out every inch of the theatre world possible. And they are in good hands with Professor Leslie Ferreira, a UC Berkeley graduate with an MFA in Directing at Carnegie Mellon University, the most prestigious school for a Masters in Directing and the oldest acting conservatory in the United States. 

Students Kyle Brogmus, Amrit Samra, Alexandra Fiallos, Amber Nikole, and Julian Engin practice their curtain call

On Friday and Saturday, cue to cue rehearsals began the long and arduous process of tech week. For the lighting and sound designers, it is necessary for the plays to stop and go from each line to see where to best cue the lighting and sound changes. This ensures that doors creak open at the right time and the stage is properly lit with a spotlight during a center stage monologue. The directors were sitting in the audience at the helm with Professor Ferreira, making sure that their vision was coming true. As we begin our Dress Rehearsal/Tech Week, I will be posting more pictures and even videos of the actors and directors. Also, make sure to mark your calendars with performances opening on Thursday at 3PM & 8PM, Friday at 3PM & 8PM, and Saturday at 3PM & 8PM.

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Rachel is a Theatre Major and a member of the LACC Theatre Academy from the Bay Area. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue theatre and is currently in her second year.

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