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photo of Mary Cordova

Mary Cordova

Originally Published: 4/11/2017

Mary is a Cyber Security Engineer who studied Information Technology at LACC.

LACC can be a stepping-stone to change your life. My classes at LACC were the beginning of a path that would turn a three-month internship into a career.  

In 2011, shortly after I received my CompTIA A+ certification offered by the Computer Technology and Electronics Department at LACC, I started an internship at Sony PlayStation Network. During my internship, I transferred to California State University, Los Angeles where I completed my Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and certifications in Security and Networking.

Upon graduation in 2013, Sony hired me as a full-time employee, where I was a Cyber Security Engineer with the PlayStation Network for 3 years. I have also served on a panel of Subject Matter Experts writing questions for new certification exams and have attended industry conferences throughout the country.