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Featured Student Mrittika C

Featured Student: Mrittika C, Early Childhood Education

Originally Published: 7/1/2020

Transferring to California State University Los Angeles in the Fall

What are your Future Plans?

I want to finish my Bachelor Degree from Cal State LA. Then I will work on my Masters Degree. I will try my level best to keep learning and continue my education forward. At the same time, I will work to achieve a permanent teaching position in a preschool as well.

How has LACC helped you on your journey?

LACC helped me every single step in my educational journey. They helped me by providing me with counseling, EOP&S, and financial support. I got the LACC staff's help every single time, whenever I needed their assistance from the beginning until now. The transfer center helped me with every single step to successfully transfer to the university.

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