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Featured Student Scarleth L

Featured Student: Scarleth L, Early Childhood Education

Originally Published: 7/9/2020

Transferring to California State University, Los Angeles in the Fall

What are your Future Plans?

My plans for the future are to attend CSULA, get a BA in Child Development, and become a preschool teacher. 

How has LACC helped you on your journey?

This journey was memorable. LACC has completely changed my life. I received all the possible help that I could have received and made it until the end. Whenever I needed a math tutor, a tutor was always available for me. Whether it was a tutor assigned in my classroom or a tutor in the math lab, I always received the help that I needed. Whenever I needed to speak with my professor regarding my grade or regarding classwork, my professors were always available for me. I am beyond grateful for pursuing a career at LACC. I am blessed to have completed my first academic goal at LACC. I am very thankful for my counselors who always motivated me to do good. Thank you, Professors. Thank you, counselors. Thank you, tutors. Thank you LACC.