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Featured Student Ani H

Featured Student: Ani H, Registered Nurse

Originally Published: 6/10/2020

Transferring to West Coast University in the Fall

What are Your Future Plans?

My future plan is to reach one of my biggest goals and become a great nurse.

How has LACC Helped You on Your Journey?

This journey was challenging & also fun. I have built so many amazing friendships with great people, memories that will last a lifetime. I am really thankful to all of my professors who gave me so much knowledge and wisdom, and for all of the amazing recommendation letters I have received. I am so very thankful to my counselor, who supported me a lot throughout my journey, and so many loved ones from LACC who encouraged me, and believed in me. I am beyond blessed to have had the college experience that I had. I am so grateful for my LACC family and friends. Thank you for everything you did for me, and for your students. 

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