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Featured Student Vanessa LR

Featured Student: Vanessa LR, Psychology

Originally Published: 6/17/2020

Transferring to California State Long Beach in the Fall

What are your Future Plans?

After completing my graduate degree I plan to combine my two loves - animal rescue and therapy. I plan on becoming a therapist/psychologist and using animal assistance as a primary feature. I hope to help people who struggle with PTSD. Thank you LACC!

How has LACC helped you on your journey?

I only began college because of LACC and the friendliness of the staff. I am from the neighborhood and I never really planned on going to college. Through the support and encouragement from the staff at LACC, especially in the Psychology department, I found a deep love of Psychology and Human Services. I had professors from this school look me in the eye and say "you are a smart girl, you need a degree in this world" and that kept me going. Thank you everyone! 

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