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President Mary Gallagher

This Week @ City

Originally Published: 9/13/2021

News and Events for the week of September 13

Good Monday Morning,

Today marks census. We would like to send the HEERF III funds out to students this week or next. In order for us to do that, we need you to submit your exclusion roster. As soon as we have the rosters all in, we can send these much-needed funds to our students. We greatly appreciate your prompt submissions of your exclusion rosters, so we know which students to fund in what amount.   

New COVID-19 Protocols

The District has made a significant policy change about COVID-19 vaccine and testing requirements for employees impacting employment status and the ability to have in-person access to LACC and District facilities. Effective today, all LACCD colleges will begin using the symptom self-check questionnaire provided by Biocept instead of the LACCD Safe App.  

The District’s new check-in process, Cleared4, provides an email or text message with a unique link for daily check-ins. If for some reason you cannot access the link, please try another browser; copy and paste the link directly into your browser or work from the text message on your mobile device if you received a duplicate message. If you still are having problems logging in, please contact the Cleared4 Help Desk at  

On September 1, the District approved policy revisions so that all students, staff and faculty must present proof that they have been fully vaccinated against the SARS-COVID virus unless exempt for medical or religious reasons. Those that are granted a medical or religious exemption shall undergo regular testing for COVID-19 infection and shall produce proof of negative COVID-19 test results.  

No later than October 8, 2021, all employees must create a profile account with the District’s official testing vendor, Biocept. Prior to October 18, all employees must upload vaccination information or submit a medical or religious exemption request approved by the District. All employees granted an exemption must be tested weekly by the District’s official testing vendor as a condition of employment.  

All LACCD employees, regardless of vaccination status, are required to take an initial, free COVID-19 test through Biocept. Only Biocept tests will be accepted. Biocept will administer the COVID-19 PCR tests and Cleared4 will securely maintain testing and vaccination records for the District. Biocept and Cleared4 are HIPAA, FERPA and GDPR compliant. You are able to schedule your initial COVID-19 test through your Biocept account. Tests are available at all nine campuses. Tests on our campus will be available Wednesdays and Thursdays.  

Town Hall Meetings

I will answer any questions regarding the new vaccination and testing policy at our Town Halls this week Wednesday at 12:45 for faculty and staff and at 3:00 for students. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. 

Late Start Classes for Fall

Please remind your students that if they need an extra class, they can enroll in late start 8-week classes that begin October 25. 

View Open Classes for Fall

New Student Lounge in the Student Union

We have also opened a space for students to remain on campus between classes, work on class projects and recharge their devices. The new space houses 18 socially distanced spaces and is located in the Student Union in the “Coffee Shop.”  

City Cares Network

We recently launched a new program for students who need any assistance to complete one application and they will get connected to whatever they need. It is called City Cares Network. In addition, last week we launched our new Fresh Success program. If you have students that still do not have textbooks or devices, please have them fill out the application so they can get what they need to be successful. Please share this link with students:

The Sheriff's Office is Hiring

We are hiring cadets to assist us in helping to ensure everyone is following District mask mandates. If students are interested in becoming cadets, they can visit

Student Success Workshops

This Tuesday, September 14, Our Life Skills Center is offering a “Becoming a Successful Student” workshop focusing on skills to be a successful student. Students can join the Zoom at 12:30 pm at 929 3680 5171. For more information or questions, please contact Joe Exnowski at 323.953.400 or  

In honor of Independence Week, LACC will be holding several events: 
Assistance Available for Students

If your students need any assistance, send them to the Welcome Center or have them email us on our hotline for students: If faculty need help, here is the faculty hotline email address: If staff need assistance, here is the staff hotline:  

We continue with these challenging times, but it is my hope that the masking and vaccination policies approved by our Board of Trustees will serve as the step needed to fully recover form this pandemic and re-engage fully with our students, our faculty, and our staff. 

BELIEVE. ACHIEVE. SUCCEED. I hope this week in filled with something interesting for all of you.  

Stay well. Get vaccinated.