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Kate, Dental Technology

Kate is a Senior Dental Prosthodontics Technology student. She is currently working towards earning her A.S. degree. Kate discovered this field while working for a dentist in Beverly Hills. In her free time, she likes to cook, bake, travel, be outdoors, draw, knit, and things of the sort.

Student Blogger kate
Key to Occlusion

The Key to Occlusion has to do with how the Maxillary 1st Molar and the Mandibular 1st Molar come together.  Learn More

Originally Published: 5/10/2018
Student Blogger Kate

Senior students learn how to build a Porcelain Crown!  Learn More

Originally Published: 4/16/2018
Student Blogger Kate
LACC Dental Technology Summer Class!

If you’re interested in studying Dental Technology, Summer 2018 is the perfect time to start!  Learn More

Originally Published: 3/16/2018
Student Blogger Kate
Posterior Teeth

These are the teeth towards the back of your mouth that aren’t so visible when you smile. Find out what their use is!  Learn More

Originally Published: 3/14/2018
Student Blogger Kate
Anterior Teeth

Ever wonder what the purposes of the teeth in the front of your mouth are for – besides making your smile pretty? Take a look at what else they do!  Learn More

Originally Published: 2/15/2018
Student Blogger Kate
Primary and Secondary Teeth

Throughout a person’s life, they grow two sets of teeth. Here, I’ll talk about the differences between primary and secondary anatomy!  Learn More

Originally Published: 1/24/2018
Student Blogger Kate
How did I get into Dental Technology?

Here’s the background about how I discovered this field!  Learn More

Originally Published: 1/22/2018
Student Blogger Kate
What is the Dental Technology Curriculum?

Here is a summary of the program’s curriculum. Spring Semester starts on February 5th!  Learn More

Originally Published: 1/15/2018
Student Blogger Kate
Welcome to LACC Dental Technology!

Here is an introduction to Los Angeles City College Dental Technology program. Learn what dental technology is, what it is like to be a student in this program, and some of the awesome opportunities this hidden gem has to offer!  Learn More

Originally Published: 1/5/2018