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Rest In Peace, Dr. Nikolaychuk

Mariam, Math | Originally Published: 6/24/2019

One June 6th, 2019, mathematics professor, the Math Club adviser, and a great person Dr. Nikolaychuk passed away. His dedication, commitment, enthusiasm, and passion towards teaching and pushing his students to new heights will never be forgotten!

I never thought that I will be delivering sad news through my Math blog, but unfortunately happiness and tragedy walk parallel in life.

Dr. Anatoliy NikolaychukDr. Anatoliy Nikolaychuk

On June 6th, 2019, one of the brightest mathematics professors at LACC passed away. A professor, who within a year made such a big impression on me, that he got a special place in my heart.

During my Senior year in high school, I made my mind to go to a community college. Eventually, I chose LACC. Alongside various opportunities that LACC had to offer me, joining the LACC Math Club was one of them. My high school mathematics teacher would always tell me that LACC has a very strong and competitive Math Club. A club, that, once again this year, was ranked first among other community colleges in the United States.

That summer, one of my classes was taking place at Franklin Hall. Every time when I would walk through the hallway of the building towards my class, I would pass by and see the pictures of the Math Club and its coach, Dr. Nikolaychuk’s, pictures on the wall. I had made my mind to meet Dr. Nikolaychuk and talk to him about the club and discuss with him the math courses I needed to take. I had an impression that a person who had reached so much success in his career would be arrogant and difficult to approach. To my surprise, when I got the chance to meet him in person, he was the very opposite of what I thought: he was one of the kindest and wholehearted people I had ever met. He advised me the sequence of math classes I should take and told me about the first meeting of the Math Club for that semester. He was always very friendly and compassionate towards others, especially his students .

Joining the Math Club will always be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr Nikolaychuk would make all the club meetings very informative and pleasant. He would always share a funny joke about any life situation. At the same time, he would teach us valuable and useful theorems, a lot of which are not covered in regular math classes.

Another class that I will never forget was the Discrete Mathematics course to the lectures of which Dr. Nikolaychuk permitted me to attend. I remember how I entered his office, a pile of tests in front of him, and I asked if I can come to the lectures.With a smile on his face he said “Of course!”. He would explain every single topic so clear that there was no need to read the book in order to understand the material. He filled his class with jokes and motivations for his students. He always encouraged his students to go beyond the bachelor’s degree and pursue a master’s degree. He was an optimistic person and would always tell his students to cheer the life and never be afraid of challenges. Professor Nikolaychuk would always say, “Life is wonderful!”

His investment in all his math classes and students, all the support that he gave us will always be remembered and appreciated. Dr. Nikolaychuk’s students can always be confident about their knowledge in mathematics. He was not simply a good and intelligent professor, but an individual with the best personality traits. He was always there to support his students.

Rest in peace, Dr. Nikolaychuk.

From his other students:

“Dr Nikolaychuk was the best teacher I ever had. He was so nice,very supportive. He was always there to help. I took Math 125 with him and I remember when I was about to drop the class because I almost was failing the class but when I talked to him about it he actually made me to keep the class and he gave me so many chances to pass the course. I mean there’s a lot to say about this professor because even my cousin/my friend took him and they all loved him so much. He was giving an inspiration to students, he was a really smart,very supportive and funny teacher. My condolences to his family! I’m really sorry Rest In Peace Dr Nikolaychuk.” - Hovsepyan, Ani

“He once told us about a Probability experiment involving dropping of a needle on a grid where the number Pi arose naturally (Buffon’s Needle). I was fascinated that Pi could be derived experimentally like that... He always gave us tidbits about math that really renewed our fascination with the subject or sparked new interests…” - Poghosyan, Vahram

“Like a proud parent teaching me the rigours and strength required to survive adulthood, you educated me on the self-discipline to be a great mathematician and physicist. My successes in higher education are a direct and close consequence of your high expectations. Thanks to you, I now have the highest expectations for myself, and never again will I settle for mediocrity. You were an exemplar of what is like to live a happy life teaching, and you taught until your passing. I once promised you that in the near future, I will go on to be accepted into an Astrophysics Ph.D. program, and you asked me to inform you so you could be happy and proud of your student's achievements like many before me. Though your passing was unexpected, I will keep my promise. Farewell, Dr. Nikolaychuk.” - Tejada, Roberto Alexander

“What I loved about him was how he encouraged his students to do well in class by sharing his professional experiences during his lifetime and how he emphasized the importance of obtaining a MS degree, especially for math majors.” - Tran, Bao

About The Author

Mariam moved to the USA 2 years ago and graduated from Bernstein High School in June 2018. This is her second semester at LACC as a college student. Her major is Applied Mathematics. She has always had passion for mathematics because it is an international language and every problem has a solution. During her free time Mariam enjoys reading detective and crime fiction, and researching about Dream Analysis.