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Aspen Dental

Minhoon, Dental Technology | Originally Published: 6/24/2019

Aspen Dental representatives visited the Dental Prosthetic Technology Department

Aspen Dental

May 6th, 2019 was a good day. I had the opportunity to learn more about the dental prosthetic field. Aspen Dental representatives visited the Dental Prosthetic Technology Department and shared information about the company and their employment opportunities as well as their personal experience as Dental Technologists. Aspen Dental is formed by a team of Dentists and Dental Technologists who are dedicated to providing excellent patient care through compassion and respect. Aspen is a fast-growing company that has over 700 dental centers nationwide and recently they landed in California.

Aspen Detal + dpt
Steps for starting a career with Aspen Dental is quite simple.

First, apply for the job at

Second, a recruiter will contact you for farther information, such as the type of job that you are applying and to schedule the interview.

Third, if a person is hired, they will be hired as lab trainee.

Typically, training is a 12-month program with an experienced lab tech trainer.

After the training, the person will be moving into a “floating stage”, which is simply an assistant and a secondary technician in a busier office.

Lastly, the person will be sent to a new lab to start their career as a dental technician!

The great thing about Aspen Dental I personally observed is that they provide more time to gain experience and practice after you graduate school. As a trainee, you still earn an income.  It is just a step to gain more experience before you are getting into the real world. Also, Aspen provides a 401k, as well as health and protective coverage.

Aspen Dental is known for their outreach to underserved populations through the “Healthy Mouth Movement” program. Aspen Dental provides dental services to people who do not have access to oral care by traveling around the country. They also run a Mouth Mobile, which is a 42-foot long dentist office on wheels that travels from state to state and provides free care to vets in communities in need.

It was an enjoyable and useful time with Aspen, having the opportunity to learn about the restorative and corrective dental prosthetic technology.

Aspen dental + dpt dinner


About The Author

Minhoon is originally from South Korea and is majoring in Dental Technology at LACC. He likes to listen to music, draw, and watch movies during his free time. His favorite part of Dental Technology is that he gets to make appliances that will change someone's weakness in oral cavity to an advantage.