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Minhoon, Dental Technology | Originally Published: 11/19/2019

LACC Dental Prosthetic Technology students attended the DLOAC EXPO and CAD/CAM symposium 

LACC dental prosthetic technology students attended to 16th Annual Dental Lab & CAD/CAM Expo & Symposium at the Marriott Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, CA.

Dental Students at the CADCAM EXPOA speaker at the conferenceStudents had the opportunity to learn about new developments in dental digital technology as well as useful tips about their resiliency and profitability.

Interesting lectures about one of the most popular materials we use in dentistry, zirconia, and how to best process it to maximize results. We enjoyed our experience at the CAD-CAM Symposium and are excited about the future of the Dental Prosthetic Industry is going and how we adapt and utilize the knowledge.  

The most value out of this experience is the tips collected on how to become successful in the Dental Industry.

About The Author

Minhoon is originally from South Korea and is majoring in Dental Technology at LACC. He likes to listen to music, draw, and watch movies during his free time. His favorite part of Dental Technology is that he gets to make appliances that will change someone's weakness in oral cavity to an advantage.