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Etudes Basics

Access to Etudes

Access to classes is determined by semester start date and/or when the instructor initiates access. Student user IDs and initial passwords are automatically generated.

Your unique username is:

  • First two letters of your first name, plus the
  • First two letters of your last name, plus the
  • Last five digits of your LACC student identification number.

You may also use your Student ID Number (your 88 number) as your Etudes username.

Your initial password is:

  • The Month and Day of your birthday, as given in the school records, with the format MMDD.

This initial password information applies to students accessing Etudes for the first time. On your first login you will be required to create a new, secure password. Changes you make to your account, including your password, will persist to new semesters.

Contacting Your Instructor

If you need to contact your instructor prior to the start of class, use the LACC Employee Directory.

Note: It can take up to 24 hours after you add a class for your account to become active in Etudes.

If you are able to log on to the system but cannot access your course, verify that you are on your instructor's Etudes site info roster. There are occasional delays between updates on the official roster and the student accounts on the Etudes site. The instructor will be able to tell you if you appear on this roster and the official username you should be using to log in.

For difficulties that cannot be resolved by your instructor or using the system requirements information pages, contact Etudes support.

Additional Etudes Resources

For more details, please refer to the appropriate DE sections in the Schedule of Classes.

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