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Academic Counseling

Graduation Check Request

Before completing this form, please review the Official LACC Graduation Requirements and check your Specific Major Requirements.

Student Information

Your nine-digit student ID, beginning with either 88 or 90.
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Please use your LACCD email address ending in
If you do not see your degree listed, please select "Recently Archived Degrees" from the Major dropdown above.
Example: 2020-2021
Which GE Plan did you complete for this degree?:

*(Note: LACCD Math and Written Expression competency standards must be satisfied, e.g., English 101 and Math 125 equivalent or higher)

Before You Submit Check For Graduation Readiness

Have You Completed at Least 12 Units at LACC?:

Have you completed a degree audit in your PeopleSoft student portal?:

Did you successfully complete each and all of the subject requirements stipulated by the GE Plan indicated above (including Math and Written Expression competency)?:

NOTE: General education courses appearing in more than one subject area can only be counted in one area for G.E. credit.

Did you complete with a grade C or better (or are currently enrolled) for all major requirements of the degree for which you are petitioning?:

If using courses outside LACCD or external exams (e.g., APs, IBs) needed for general education requirements, did counseling faculty evaluate, approve and reflect in the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) database?:

If using substitute courses or external exams needed to fulfill major requirements, did the appropriate faculty evaluate, approve and file with the Admissions Office?:

Did you successfully complete (or are in progress to complete) the minimum 60 degree applicable units needed to graduate or transfer?:

If transferring, did you complete your minimum admissions transferable courses in English, Math and/or Oral Communications with a grade of C or better?:

After completion of this degree, will you continue with your enrollment in the next semester or term?:

Additional Information


The responsibility for addressing all transcript evaluation petitions and inquiries rests with the Counseling Department. All transcript evaluation petitions or inquiries are forwarded to the Counseling Department Chair (or counselor(s) designated by the Chair) who will conduct final review and approval. When course substitutions for program or major requirements are requested, the Counseling Department will consult with the appropriate discipline faculty for final review before approval. Counselors make all determinations on coursework applicability to program awards within the parameters established by LACCD Administrative Regulations, and all external curricular requirements established for IGETC, CSUGE, and Associate Degrees for Transfer.

To the Best of My Knowledge the Information Provided Above is True and Accurate.