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Interstate Passport

Interstate Passport logo, Study Transfer Succeed, Member of the Interstate Passport NetworkThe Interstate Passport is a general education plan designed to meet the lower-division general education requirements at all participating institutions nationwide.

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Students wishing to transfer to a participating institution* may use the Interstate Passport in lieu of the lower-division general education requirements at that institution when they transfer. This is true even when the requirements at that institution are different from those where the Passport was earned. Note: Some participating institutions require additional general education coursework for graduation, but this can be taken after transferring.

*The California State University and University of California do not currently accept the Passport. Instead, they require satisfying the appropriate CSUGE or IGETC plan prior to transferring. In the LACCD, however, these patterns overlap the Passport. Thus, LACCD students who complete one of them have also completed the Passport.

Frequently Asked Questions

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