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Economic Development & Workforce Education

ConnectEd through Linked Learning

Core Beliefs

  1. All students should have the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their life circumstances.
  2. All students deserve a high-quality, relevant, and rigorous education that prepares them for success in college, career, and life.
  3. Linked Learning engages students' interest by providing real-world relevance, inspiring students to persist and excel in their education.
  4. Linked Learning closes the opportunity gaps that have historically limited the success of underserved students, including students of color and low-income students.
  5. To achieve long-lasting outcomes for students, Linked Learning must engage a broad community coalition in a shared vision for student success.

About ConnectEd

ConnectEd: The California Center for College and Career is dedicated to advancing practice, policy, and research aimed at helping young people prepare for both college and career through Linked Learning — a high school improvement approach.

As the national hub for Linked Learning practice, Connect Ed develops tools, supports demonstration projects, provides technical assistance, leads collaboration, and promotes policies that expand high-quality pathways. ConnectEd was founded in 2006 with a grant from The James Irvine Foundation.

ConnectEd’s work supports pathway development by:

  • Championing the development of new pathways that offer challenging, comprehensive programs of study leading to both post-secondary and career success.
  • Building and leading a coalition of partners, such as the Linked Learning Alliance dedicated to transforming how California’s high schools prepare young people for college and career.
  • Providing technical assistance and a comprehensive online platform to support local schools or districts that want to adopt a Linked Learning approach.
  • Developing integrated curriculum units based on industry themes with methods of instruction and school organization that will better serve students.
  • Building awareness about Linked Learning through publications, video profiles, presentations, the ConnectEd website, and events.
  • Informing decision-making on high school reform by analyzing policy issues, producing research reports, and developing options and implementation plans to support quality pathways.

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Mission Statement

ConnectEd partners with communities to transform education through Linked Learning, ensuring that all students, regardless of background, graduate ready for college, career, and life. Linked Learning combines strong academics, demanding technical education, and real-world experience.

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