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Ralph Bunche Scholars Program

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  • Danielle Muller presents Hannah Gehrels with a forty-thousand dollar check.

    RBS Co-Director, Danielle Muller, pictured with Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship winner, Hannah Gehrels; Hannah will be attending Columbia University this fall.

  • Hannah Gehrels and the Board of Trustees

    Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship winner Hannah Gehrels, along with other LACCD student winners pictured with the Board of Trustees.

  • Dean Carol Kozeracki with Ralph Bunche Scholars students

    Dean Carol Kozeracki with Ralph Bunche Scholars students at the Spring 2018 UC Irvine Research Conference.

  • Mandie Dixon and Ashley Chen at Harvard Business School

    LACC and Ralph Bunche Scholars alum Mandie Dixon, participated in this summer’s Harvard Business School program.

  • Ralph Bunche Scholars pose in front of the LACC Student Services Building

    RBScholars from the UCLA Library Field Trip

To make our way, we must have firm resolve, persistence, tenacity. We must gear ourselves to work hard all the way. We can never let up. 
–Ralph Bunche

The Los Angeles City College Ralph Bunche Scholars Program provides a comprehensive and diverse educational experience with the purpose of training scholars poised to become leaders in their respective endeavors and careers. There are no easy roads to obtaining a good education, but if you are selected for the program, we encourage you to work hard, challenge yourself, and take every opportunity to broaden your world-view so that you may receive a one-of-a-kind educational experience.

Class Schedule

NEW! We offer two honors sections for Summer 2020: ENGLISH 102 (# 15225; 5 weeks): MATH 261 (# 15226; 8 weeks)

View the Ralph Bunche Scholars Program Fall 2020 Schedule

Please register as soon as possible for your classes. If you have any problems registering, contact the Director.

Fall 2020 Stand-Alone Courses

Besides the “normal” honors schedule of classes, we are very proud to offer you 5 Stand-Alone Honors classes for FALL 2020. Stand-Alone Honors classes means that only RBScholars may register for the class. The class’ limits will be 25-30 honors students: so, again, register as soon as possible to ensure your place in these classes. Also, for new Scholars, Library Science 101 will be a mandatory class (1 unit; online; last 8 weeks of semester). 

Faculty Course Name Time Days Session Number
Lopez Art History 110 Lec 2:20-3:45 T/Th 27274
Kiley Astronomy 1 Online   26937
Cons-Diller English 101 Lec 9:35-11:00 M/W 25956
Hamilton Library Science 101 Online   26808
Sedghi Psychology 1 Lec 9:35-11:00 T/Th 27162

Learning Outcomes

All Ralph Bunche Scholars' students will:

  1. Conduct an in-depth research project utilizing primary and secondary sources and applying critical thinking skills to evaluate and synthesize information to produce a substantial academic and scholarly research project.
  2. Engage in scholarly and academic dialogue amidst peers at venues such as Honors Research Conferences to foster learning communities and exhibit commitment for intellectual exchanges.
  3. Transfer successfully to competitive four-year colleges and universities.

Who was Ralph Bunche?

Ralph BuncheRalph Bunche (1904-1971) was an American political scientist and diplomat who received the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize. The grandson of a former slave, he overcame the obstacles of racism and prejudice with his great intellect.

Ralph Bunche was the valedictorian of his graduating class at Jefferson High School in Los Angeles, graduated summa cum laude from UCLA, and earned his Master and Doctoral degrees from Harvard University.

The LACC honors program is dedicated to him, whose excellent scholarship and positive influence in the world inspire all of us to strive toward our highest potential. 

Mission Statement

The Ralph Bunche Scholars Program is committed to meeting the needs of academically motivated and intellectually curious students whose main purpose is to transfer to a four-year school.

 Contact Us

SSB 234
(323) 953-4000 ext. 2340

 Office Hours

Due to COVID-19, office hours will be restricted.
Please email Danielle Muller for more information:

All applications will be accepted via email.

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