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Ralph Bunche Scholars Program

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Success Stories

Student Success

The Ralph Bunche Scholars Program is proud to showcase our talented students. Our students have shown that with hard work, courage, and tenacity, dreams can become a reality. We applaud their achievements.

Hear What Our Alumni Say About Their Experience in the Ralph Bunche Scholars Program!
Brett Anderson
Brett Anderson:

Transferred to Stanford in 2016 as a psychology major.

“The RBScholars program prepared me in two ways. First, the support offered by faculty and other students allowed me to reach beyond what I thought I was capable of, like applying to schools I thought I couldn’t afford or get into. The financial aid package Stanford offered me was far better than any UC, and I share that information precisely so that prospective transfer students won’t rule schools out because they think they are too expensive. Second, being in this honors program showed me the benefit of working with other students who are driven and passionate about learning together.”

Hannah Gehrels
Hannah Gehrels:

LACC Phi Theta Kappa President, Hannah Gehrels, transfers this fall to Columbia University courtesy of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and the GS Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship.  

“Thanks to the rigorous preparation of the RBS program, which indulged my push for 6 honors classes, and the laborious research for my honors presentation at UCI, guided by Dr. Muller and Dr. Bartelt, I feel ready for Columbia.”

Sazeda Sultana
Sazeda Sultana:

“Ralph Bunch Scholars Program at LACC constantly encouraged me every step of the way. From preparing me for a research university through its research-oriented curriculum to helping with the transfer process, this program guided me on my journey of the learning process.”

John Niroula
John Niroula:

“I ended up graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a double major in Physics and Electrical Engineering! Better yet, my whole degree was paid for by the Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship, which is America's largest transfer scholarship. The Ralph Bunche Scholars Program's curriculum definitely helped ease me into MIT's, and it definitely helped get me in (all of my recommenders are current honors instructors), so I'm proud to be a Ralph Bunche Scholar!

Matt Lambuth
Matthew Lambuth:

“I transferred to UCLA for electrical engineering in 2016. My involvement in the Ralph Bunche Scholars Program helped refine my critical thinking with additional research projects, boost my efficiency in writing formal laboratory reports, and gain confidence through public speaking. I recommend the RBSP for anyone hungry to get ahead.”

Micaella Libunao
Micaella Libunao:

"I graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Comparative Literature ('17). This fall, I will be continuing my studies at UCLA for my M.A., where I have been offered a Graduate Fellowship to do research on the literature of Asian American (un)documented immigrants, as well as postcolonial theory. RBS has played an enormous role with helping me transfer to a top-tier university, along with preparing me for the intricate workload of a research-based institution."

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  • Thank you to our Associated Student Government (ASG) for supporting our scholars!

    Thank you to our Associated Student Government (ASG) for supporting our scholars!

  • Rocio Huaringa Flores: recipient of the Exemplary Achievement Award

    Rocio Huaringa Flores: recipient of the Exemplary Achievement Award