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Before proceeding, please make sure that you know your SIS/PeopleSoft username and password by testing it at

LACCD Desktop Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Hello and welcome to this video on how to access Outlook for the desktop and Outlook Web Access. After opening outlook for the desktop you may be prompted for a username and password. Type in your SIS user ID as a username and use your SIS portal password. 

If you've never logged into the SIS portal, better known as the website, please do so first and set up your password before proceeding.

Another option to set up your Outlook for desktop is to manually add your account to Outlook. Start by clicking on file, then add account. Next type in your full name, your user ID "" email address, and the SIS portal password. This is also your email password. Click on "next", then click on "finish and restart Outlook".

Now I'm going to show you how to log in to your Outlook Web Access account using the web browser. This is also used for off-campus access. The URL to navigate to is Here you are presented with a login page that's identical to the

Enter in your SIS portal username and password. After clicking on "sign in" you may be asked if you want to remain signed in. After closing the window click on "yes" if this is a private computer, for public or guest access computers select "no." 

You are now logged into the Outlook Web Access on Office 365.

Remember to logout when you are done.

Check out our other videos on how to configure your Android and iOS devices for LACCD email access.

LACCD Email Setup for iOS and Android Devices

If you have previously setup your email account on your device, you will need to delete that account first before continuing.

Microsoft Outlook App (iOS and Android) instructions start at 1:55
Instructions for iOS devices at 0:00
Instructions for Android devices at 1:00

Hello and welcome to this video on how to set up your LACCD email on iOS and Android. 

First on iOS, tap on the Settings icon, then tap on Mail Contacts and Calendars, next tap on "Add Account" and choose "Exchange." Enter in your email address and password. It's the same password you use for the SIS login. If you haven't set up your password yet be sure to watch our other video on how to do so. Once you've entered in your password tap on "next" in the top right corner and select what you want to sync with your device, then tap on "save." 

If your old login credentials still remain you can delete them. This does remove the data on your device, but the same data should be included in your new account. Be sure to check before deleting the old
account credentials. 

Next is the instructions on how to setup an Android device. Because of the wide variety of Android devices the options on your device may vary. Look for the Settings icon and navigate to "Accounts." Now tap on
"Add Account" and choose "Exchange." Enter in your LACCD email and SIS password. You may receive a redirect request, tap on "OK." You may also be asked to set up an incoming server info, leave the defaults and tap on "next." Tap "OK" to the remote security administration, then scroll down to tap the activate the device administrator option. Tap "next" and the setup is complete. Open the Gmail app and select between your Gmail and Exchange email accounts.

Optionally you can download and configure the Outlook App. This works for both Android and iOS. Open the app and go through the setup process by typing in your LACCD email address. Once you are redirected to the LACCD login page, type in your SIS portal username and password. Tap "sign in" and the process is complete.

Be sure to watch our other videos on how to setup the Outlook for desktop, and signing in to the Outlook Web Access page.

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