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City College Information Technology (IT)

Employee Network

Computers on the Employee Network can be identified by the Log On screen. If you are attempting to log in to an employee computer, it will say “Log on to: LACC_MAIL” underneath the Username and Password boxes.

  • The Employee Network includes: Employee computers at LACC, and the Employee LACC email.
  • Only users that have a LACC Employee Network account can log onto the LACC Employee Network.
  • Your LACC Network account is identified by your username. Your username is the same as your LACC email address <YourUsername>
  • Please be aware of the following:
    • If you also have an account in the LACC Academic Network, they are different accounts.
    • If you also have a LACCD email, this is also a different than the LACC email.
    • Your LACCD portal account is also different than your LACC accounts.
  • If you are an employee of the college (faculty, staff, student worker, ...), an Employee Network account is issued for you automatically.
    • Notice that student workers are also employees. Their Employee Network account is different than their Academic Network account, therefore their usernames and emails are different in each network. All work related emails will be sent to their Employee email address.
  • If you are not an employee of the college (contractor, auditor, student worker from another institution assigned to LACC, ...), an employee network account can be created for you by having your supervisor submit a request to IT via the IT HelpDesk.
  • By using any of the computer resources at LACC, the user is accepting the LACC/LACCD policies and regulations.
Logon Procedure

The Windows log in screen. Enter your LACC username and password to logon.

  • Start the computer by pressing the Power button on the front of the computer. When the computer is on, you will see the "Welcome to Windows" screen.
  • On the keyboard, press simultaneously the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys. The "Logon to Windows" dialog box will appear.
  • On the "Log On to Windows" dialog box,
    enter your username and password.
    Make sure that the "Log on to" text shows "LACC_MAIL". 
Shut Down Procedure

Select "Shut Down" from the drop-down menu.

  • Close all the programs and windows.
  • Click on the Start menu (usually at the bottom left of the screen) and click on Shut Down.
  • If Shut Down is not selected, click on the down arrow to select it.
  • Be aware that shutting down the monitor is not the same as shutting down the computer.

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If you need training on using any of the LACC systems or software, please contact the Teaching Learning Center at extension 2480.