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The Associated Student Government

Get Out the Vote!

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

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Los Angeles District 4 Councilmember David Ryu

Hello everyone, I'm David Ryu los angeles city council member for council district four as you all know we are in the middle of a historic and critical election season now more than ever it's young people and especially students like you that we need to hear from you hold an incredible amount of power in our elections in fact millennials and older members of gen-z make up 37 of eligible voters unfortunately young people are often under-represented in the polls in 2016 only half the voters under 40 actually voted compared to 70 percent of those over the age of 55 but thankfully this is changing more young people are getting involved and staying involved and they're not just voting they're organizing they're advocating on behalf of the issues that they care about and they're talking to their friends and family members to get involved too young people are leading the charge against injustice marching in the streets reaching out to their elected officials in record numbers young people bring a unique and refreshing perspective which is especially important right now voting is one of the most critical tools that we have to hold our government accountable to us and voting hasn't always been easy especially for marginalized groups that's why i've been working to expand options for voting and introducing legislation to get more ballot boxes installed throughout la so that voting can be easy as dropping off a library book so make sure you're registered and make sure to have a voting plan read up on the local ballot measures and most importantly stay involved i look forward to seeing you at the polls.

Senator Maria Elena Durazo (D-Los Angeles)

Thank you Dr Gallagher for hosting
this wonderful event
for your students and for stressing the
importance of civic engagement
after all civic engagement determines
how much
funding community colleges will receive
and what kinds of programs you can have
i'm state senator maria elena duraso and
i represent hollywood
los feliz echo park northeast and east
and five api neighborhoods i was
elected two years ago by the people who
took the time
to go vote my peers elected me to be
chair of all of the latino legislators
in the in sacramento the students of the
angeles community college district
the diversity of our state i'm
so proud to have your headquarters and
one of your college campuses
in my district diversity is why we
submitted a ballot measure
prop 16 to reinstate affirmative action
in educational employment and business
for women and for people of color
i am a product of affirmative action
if you want your needs to be heard then
you must vote
you must get your family members to vote
charge make a difference
well national hero congressman john
made a difference he was only 17
when he led other young people to
desegregate the lunch counters in the
an entire generation will win or lose
in this upcoming election the people
that get elected for the next four years
will decide
the kind of economy we want whether or
not we will build more housing
what kinds of jobs and careers will be
available to you
the us senate decides who will serve on
the highest court in the land
women's reproductive rights gay marriage
a person's freedom to join the union
can all be decided the state of
has a total of 12 ballot measures that
change the state laws will corporations
their fair share in taxes will there be
more money for housing and mental health
so let me just name a few of these
ballot measures that you should vote
decide how to vote on prop 14
5 billion dollars in bonds for stem cell
prop 15 requires commercial and
industrial properties to be taxed
based on market value and then gives
that revenue
to fund schools and community colleges
prop 16
as i mentioned returns diversity through
affirmative action
prop 20 makes changes to criminal
sentencing 21
prop 21 expands local governments
to use rent control and housing prop 22
app-based drivers from state minimum
wages and laws
prop 23 requires a physician on site
at dialysis clinics and prop 25
replaces cash bail with
a risk assessment for anyone awaiting
trial the future of our state
on all levels in so many different ways
depends on your involvement a strong
city county a strong state
and a strong nation depend on how much
you care
to vote please get out and vote
too much depends on it and we need
your involvement as young people young
in the affairs of our nation si se puede

LA City Controller Ron Galperin

hello los angeles city college i'm los
angeles city controller ron galperin
and i'm here to urge you every one of
to vote if you can in the upcoming
november third election
it's our right and it's our duty to vote
and whether you vote by mail
or deposit your ballot at a designated
dropbox or vote in person at a voting
this is your chance to make a difference
the future is in your hands and in mine
literally and you can participate
and you can lead i'll never forget the
first election i voted in when i was in
and i haven't missed one since and while
every election is important
this is the most important election ever
we need our voices to be heard
thank you all especially the associated
student government of lacc
the students and students across all the
community colleges
for this all-important get out the vote
so get your vote out and make sure that
your friends your family
your co-workers and fellow students do
the same and let's make a difference
thank you

LA City Council President Nury Martinez

hello i'm los angeles city council
marie martinez and i am so proud to be
able to speak with all of you
about the importance of voting in
november this year marks 150 years since
the 15th amendment
which guaranteed the voting rights to
african-american men was ratified
it also marks a hundred years since the
ratification of the 19th amendment
which gave women the right to vote these
were hard
fought battles and these victories gave
me and you
the right to vote and to participate in
elections young people are a very
powerful voting bloc
and you could really change the course
of this country if you all vote
in 2016 less than half of those between
18 and 20 years old
voted compared to 71 of those 65 years
and older
millennials and gen z's are among the
most diverse generations and your voice
and participation are crucial to the
present and the future of our country
those who show up to the ballot box get
to shape the direction of this country
the state and this city
while voting for the presidential race
is important it's just as important to
for local and state offices and
in addition to the presidential race
this year's ballot will include
elections for your community college
board of trustees
the district attorney's race and
initiatives ranging from increasing
funding to schools and community
to permitting government to consider
race sex and color and ethnicity
in contracting as well as issues related
to bill reform and stem
cell research this election will be like
no other
there is a lot at stake locally and
so please make sure you vote by mail or
in person on november 3rd
your voice matters and your vote matters
thank you again and don't forget to vote

LACCD Board of Trustee President Andra Hoffman

i'm andrew hoffman president of the
board of trustees for the los angeles
community college district
and today i want to talk to you about
how critical it is
that everyone who is eligible to vote in
this election
cast their vote first of all if you're
registered to vote
you will have received a sample ballot
in the mail
if you're not registered to vote it's
not too late you have until october 19th
to register online or for the first time
ever you can
actually register on november 3rd which
is election day
i want to tell you how critical it is
that everybody
vote in this election we need to vote
like our lives depend on it and
especially as students
voting is your opportunity to share your
our vote is our voice and our voices
need to be heard
to impact our communities and the future
of this nation
for the very first time local races
like school boards and community college
boards are going to be at the top of
your ballot
these are races that used to be known as
down ballot races
whereby people would look at their
ballot vote for the
what they deemed important such as the
and some congressional races and then
races for local communities
would sort of get dropped off people
like would stop voting after
you know maybe state senate or state
assembly it is very
important and critical to vote in your
elections local elections like i said
include school board members
they include members of the city council
they even include members of water
so make sure that you go through your
entire ballot
and mark all of the races do your
do your homework by looking at your
sample ballot there are also some
websites that you can go to online
such as the league of women voters to
find out more information
the other thing that's going to be on
your ballot are propositions and there
are a lot of them
i for one am very very interested in
as i'm sure all of you are since you're
students proposition 15
is on your ballot proposition 15 is
called schools and communities first
and i care about this proposition and
i've been educating around
this proposition to voters county wide
because this is for the first time
gonna reform the way commercial real
is taxed and the revenue from those
taxes will go directly to schools and
forty percent of the revenue is going to
go to k-12 education
but the remaining sixty percent goes to
community colleges
and local communities to help residents
and help students just like you
i'm really excited about this project
that the associated student body is
working on so thank you so much
and thank you to the students of la city
college as well as the students
around all nine colleges in the la
community college district
i personally worked with the county
registrar registrar recorder
to make sure that we have ballot drop
boxes on all nine of our campuses
and many of our campuses will be voting
centers you can go to those voting
on election day november 3rd you can
even go a few days before
and you can actually register to vote so
join me on november 3rd to make our
voices heard
so we can change our communities for the
better so
get out there and vote thank you so much
i'm excited about this election
and let's go do this

Congressman Ted Lieu

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Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feurer

with the november third election fast
i want to urge you to vote and here's
this upcoming election is not only about
the presidency
there are important congressional state
and local offices on the ballot
including determining the leadership of
the los angeles community college board
of trustees
and a slew of propositions maybe i
should frame the issue a little
in the form of a question why wouldn't
you vote
you have as much say one vote
at the ballot box as anybody else it's
and it's easy and the candidates and
propositions on the ballot
could have an enormous impact on your
future for
decades to come i'm proud to join the
associated student government
and students at the los angeles city
college in this all-important
get out the vote effort please fill out
and mail in your ballot today
so it's received in plenty of time to be

LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl

hi i'm la county supervisor sheila cuo
has an election ever been more important
than this one
and i don't mean just the presidential
election decisions that affect your life
are made by those who show up to the
ballot box young people represent
more than one in three eligible voters
that's a lot of political power
but only if you use it this year
there is no excuse every single
registered voter in california
and i hope that includes all of you and
if you aren't registered
you have until october 18th was mail the
ballot to their home
fill it out put it in a mailbox you
don't even need to put a stamp on it
of course you can still vote the
old-fashioned way go to any of the
county's 758 vote centers to cast your vote
in person drop it off at a really
official la county ballot box
but stop letting others define the
future for you
for more information go to
do it

Congressman Adam Schiff

hello i'm congressman adam schiff i just
wanted to take a quick moment to
every member of the los angeles
community college community
to take the time to register and to cast
your vote this year
young people and students could be one
of the most powerful political forces in
our nation
for urgently needed change but it starts
with organizing
registering and casting your vote not
just at the presidential level but up
and down the ballot for state and local
races and for ballot referendum
you're more powerful than you realize
the stakes in our election are
incredibly high in the future
and the kind of nation state and
community that we're going to be
is on the ballot so educate yourself
and make a plan to vote it's easier than
ever to cast your ballot this year in
every registered voter will be mailed a
ballot which you can return by mail
order an official dropbox you can also
vote in person
either at early voting locations
starting on october 24 or
on election day there's too much at
stake to sit out this
or any other election so be sure and vote

Los Angeles District 13 Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell

hello this is los angeles city
councilmember mitch o'farrell and i
represent the 13th district
in the city of los angeles and that is
where los angeles city college is
in east hollywood let me start by
thanking the associated student
and lacc students both at la city
and all nine campuses for getting out
the vote
so important at every level of
government as a locally
elected representative i can attest to
the importance
of local elections so when you cast your
make sure that you look at all the races
from the president
all the way down down ballot until the
very end
vote in an informed way on everyone and
your vote matters your vote counts you
could be helping to decide
the future in so many important policy
including health care including
freedom of choice including
marriage equality including gun safety
including a way forward on an economy
that leaves no one behind uh
including uh the racial
equality and equity that this country
has been yearning for
based on the this year that we've had in
with the protests and coveted 19 so
all these issues matter a great deal
and you are going to play a very
important role
in selecting who you would like
to lead on these issues that are
important to you
so please stand up let your voice be
speak with others and make
your plans on how and where you're going
to vote
i voted already uh in tracking my ballot
i know that the ballot has already been
delivered and my vote
will be counted it's very easy go to la
vote dot net
you can also go to voter tracks and
track the the progress of your
absentee or vote by mail ballot or
you can vote at one of the many voting
centers and we have them
all over the 13th district so please go
and welcome to the elective
process as a young voter for many of you
are hearing this this might be your
first time your first election
it is a right a privilege and i would
say a responsibility
so let's get out the vote this 2020.
it's never ever been more important than
it is now
and we can help build an america
that doesn't forget anyone an america
that includes everyone no matter where
you're from
what language you speak what religion
you practice
or not or what
demographic or whatever your ancestry
may be we can build an america that
leaves no one behind
and that is our future and that is our
as long as everyone votes
thank you