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Campus Safety

Evacuation of Persons with Disabilities

It is suggested that the wheelchair occupant or person with mobility impairment prepare for emergencies ahead of time by instructing a classmate or instructor of how to assist him/her in the case of an emergency. In the event of an emergency, persons in wheelchairs and other disabled individuals should observe the following evacuation procedures:

  1. Flash lights intermittently to alert deaf or hard of hearing persons.
  2. All persons should move toward the nearest marked exit.
    1. As a first choice, the wheelchair occupant or person with mobility impairment may use building elevators, but never in the case of fire or earthquake.
    2. As a second choice, when a wheelchair occupant or other person with mobility impairment reaches an obstruction such as a staircase, he/she should request assistance from others in the area.
    3. If assistance is not immediately available, the wheelchair occupant or person with mobility impairment should stay in the exit corridor, or the stairway or landing. He/she should continue to call for help until rescued. A person who cannot speak loudly should carry a whistle or have other means of attracting the attention of others. 

Your Sheriff’s Department Personnel/Building Captains/Floor Wardens will be responsible for checking the evacuated area for all persons with disabilities.

An Emergency Evacuation Chair (Evac-U-Trac) is placed in buildings that are two-stories or higher to accommodate safe evacuation of individuals who can not be escorted safely down the stairwell. These Evac-U-Trac chairs are normally placed next to the elevator and stairwell at the highest floor of the building. Rescue, fire and/or police personnel, and Building Marshal will first check all exits, corridors and exit stairwells for trapped persons.

Faculty, staff and students with a disability are encouraged to file an Emergency Work Station/Class Schedule with the OSS (Office of Special Services) located in the Student Services Building, 1st Floor.

Identify the location of the nearest Evac-U-Trac: