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Campus Safety

Severe Winds

Windstorms severe enough to cause damage may occur at infrequent intervals and may be accompanied by torrential rains. Accurate meteorological predictions may be available and prior warning may be expected in sufficient time to enable the campus to prepare for emergency conditions.

If a severe windstorm occurs:

  1. The best protection in severe winds are the permanent buildings of the campus. As a result, steps will be taken to ensure the safety of students/employees within the buildings rather than to evacuate. Time permitting, students and employees in temporary structures will be moved to permanent buildings/structures. Insofar as is practical, the Sheriff’s Department will follow up on warnings by making room-to-room inspections of all temporary structures.
  2. At the time of warning of impending severe winds, property and equipment not properly anchored should be moved inside a building or tied down.
  3. Immediately after the cessation of severe winds, college personnel will inspect all areas for damage.