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Spring 2020 Virtual Recognition Ceremony

The Spring 2020 Virtual Recognition Ceremony

Visit the LACC Celebration Page to Download your Graduation Slide

How to Watch the Ceremony

Couldn’t make the ceremony time? Don’t worry! A recording of the ceremony is available on our Facebook and YouTube pages to view and share anytime:

Watch on Facebook

Watch on YouTube

About the Ceremony

Actor Mark Hamill, actress Cindy Williams, actor Alan Arkin, actress Maggie Roswell, actress Linda Hart, actress Ruta Lee, director Tamra Davis, New York Yankees Announcer Paul Olden and Pink’s Hot Dogs owner Richard Pink are a few of the famous alumni participating in this year’s ceremony.


Expect & Act on an email: You will receive TWO emails sent to your LACCD email with a all necessary information you need to participate. These emails are VERY important. The first email will contain an RSVP link sent by the district. Then a second RSVP email will be sent directly to you from Grad Images. Please fill out both of the provided forms. This will give you the opportunity to participate online and provide your picture, celebration videos, and more.

Participation Deadline Extended

Only students who petitioned to Graduate by May 14th will be receiving an invite from Grad Images.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get My Picture and Profile to You?

Follow the instructions outlined here

Will My Name Be Announced?

Yes! If you RSVP and submit your information to Grad Images, your name will be read during the ceremony and if you submit a picture and video, those will also be included while your name is read during the ceremony. Please send your pictures and videos in by May 20th.

If you choose not to participate in the Virtual Recognition Ceremony by not providing your information, your name will still appear at the end of the presentation with a list of other students. However, your name will NOT be read aloud if you do not RSVP.

Am I on the Graduate Candidates List?

The LACCD Virtual Graduation Celebration will happen on June 9, 2020. Students who submit a Petition to Graduate by Thursday May 14th will be invited to participate in the celebration.  Students who do not petition by Thursday May 14th will still be processed but their name will not be mentioned as a graduation honoree during the virtual celebration. The list below includes those students who petitioned by the original deadline of May 5th. Another list will be uploaded after the extended May 14 deadline. 

Please note: Participation in the graduation celebration or ceremony does not guarantee the degree will be awarded. You will be invited to the ceremony based on your petition submission. Your educational coursework will be evaluated by an academic counselor and a graduation evaluator to determine if you have earned the credits required to grant the requested degree. 

List of Graduate Candidates including those who petitioned by May 14th. 

If I Do Not Participate in the Virtual Recognition, Can I Still Participate in the Commencement Ceremony Next Year?

Yes! Although we encourage you to participate this year, if you do not, you can still walk in the in-person ceremony next year.

How and When Do I Get My Diploma?

Once your final grades are posted and the Registrar’s Office confirms that you have met the requirements of graduation, you will be mailed your diploma to your home address. Please make sure that you update your mailing address in the SIS portal.

Will There Be ASL Interpreters?

Closed captioning in English will be provided during the Virtual Recognition Ceremony.

What's the difference between the RSVP form and the Grad Images form?  Do I have to submit both?

The RSVP form is to indicate whether or not you would like to formally participate in the Virtual Recognition Ceremony for your campus. If you RSVP, your name will be announced during the ceremony with a slide that Grad Images is creating for you. If you do not RSVP, your name will not be called and you will not have a slide but your name will still appear in a credit roll at the end.  

The Grad Images form allows you to upload a photo to be included on your slide that will be displayed when your name is called. However, you do not have to submit a photo to Grad Images. If you do not submit a photo, you will still have a slide with your campus logo and your name will still be announced as long as you have RSVP'd that you will be participating. The deadline for the RSVP form and for Grad Images is 5 pm Wednesday, May 20.

On the RSVP form, there is a section to upload a video.  Can I still RSVP without submitting a video?  Can I add one later?

Yes, you can RSVP without submitting a video. Yes, if you change your mind and wish to submit a video later you can fill out the form again. Please remember that the deadline for the form is 5 p.m. Wednesday, May 20.

What is a Grad Slide?

This is the slide that will be used to recognize and represent YOU during the Virtual Recognition Ceremony. It will include your name, your major, a personal quote, and a photo if you provide one. Learn how to provide your photo, video, & quote

Do I Need a Picture for the Grad Slide?

You do not need a picture for the Grad Slide, however we encourage you to send in a picture to have your photo displayed within the ceremony. GradImages will be contacting you by email. Please respond by Wednesday, May 20th.

Can I Still Purchase a Cap & Gown?

Yes! You can purchase a cap and gown and other graduation gear through the LACC Bookstore. The items will be mailed to your home address. Please make sure that you update your mailing address in the SIS portal prior to purchase.

Do I need a cap/gown to participate?

No, you do not need a cap and gown to participate.

How Do I Share This Event With My Friends and Family?

The Virtual Recognition Ceremony will be live-streamed on multiple platforms. Learn more about how to throw a virtual watch party

Learn more about the Virtual Recognition Ceremony

Faculty Participation

Faculty Instructions for Providing a Video