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Performances & Lectures

  • Clown smiling holding a light bulb
  • Family at a table about to have a party
  • Soldier and dancers
  • Soldier yelling while doing exercises
  • Dance number with soldiers
  • Soldiers holding up a friend
  • Man falling down in front of a crowd at a graduation ceremony
  • Homeless veteran kneeling down on ground
  • Soldier and friend relaxing and drinking
  • Parents of a soldier upset and sad
  • Death leading in a funeral procession
  • Marines folding flag at a military funeral
  • Soldier having a nightmare about shooting people
  • Ghost brides with a soldier about to hang himself
  • Death holding a noose
  • Soldiers doing push ups
  • Clown holding an unconscious soldier
  • Show Director talking to the cast

    Melancholia director Jose Luis Valenzuela giving notes to the cast after a performance.