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Child & Family Studies / Dietetics

Students preparing restaurant quality food

Dietetics/Nutrition/Family and Consumer Studies

If you are planning a career in Nutrition/Dietetics or Food Services, LACC can set you on the pathway to your success with an Associates Transfer Degree in Dietetics/Nutrition and a Dietetic Service Supervisor Certificate Program, with Dietary Manager Exam Eligibility.

Male students cooking.

The Los Angeles City College's Family and Consumer Studies Dietetics/Nutrition Program offers an Associates Degree for Transfer in Nutrition/Dietetics and a Certificated Program of Achievement for Dietetic Service Supervisors.  

The Associates Transfer Degree in Dietetics/Nutrition provides the first two years of the Registered Dietetian Pathway. 

Leads to careers Including dietitian, nutritionist, nutrition educator, weight loss counselor, dietitian technician, food services manager, patient service manager, nutrition researcher, lactation consultant, sports and cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes educator, and many others. 

The Associate degree tack may be completed in two years and consists of liberal arts, nutrition, and sciences courses. The support courses in the curriculum pattern allow the student to explore special interests that are related to their personal/professional goals/interest.  


  • F&CS 21 Nutrition 
  • Psych 001 General Psychology 
  • Chem 101 General Chemistry 
  • Micro 120 General Microbiology
  • List A: 2 courses- Anatomy 001 Introduction to Human Anatomy or Physical 001 Introduction to Human Phsyiology
  • Math 227 Statistics
  • List B: 1 course- FCS 24 Food Preparation or FCS 50 Sanitation and Safety

Dietetic Service Supervisor (DSS) Program prepares students for entry-level managment opportunities in food service. 

Succesful completion of the DSS Certificate also qualifies students to take the Dietary Manager Certifying Exam through Pathway I. Most Certified Dietary Managers work in healthcare settings such as nursing homes, long-term care facilities, senior living communities, and hospitals. In these settings the Certified Dietary Manager is involved in nutrition screening, documentation, and care planning for patients and residents. For additional details, please see the Certified Board for Dietary Managers, the Credentialing Agency for the Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals website at

DSS courses are below

See Class Schedule for Details

  • F&CS 21 Nutrition
  • F&CS 50 Sanitation and Safety
  • F&CS 51 Food Production Management
  • FAM & CS 151 Food Production Laboratory
  • FAM & CS 55 Dietetic Education
  • FAM & CS 24 Food Preparation
  • FAM & CS 52 Foodservice Management
  • FAM & CS 56 Nutrition Delivery Systems
  • FAM & CS 156 Nutrition Delivery Laboratory

Dietetics/Nutrition programming involves course and fieldwork and hand-on experience in therapeutic and clinical nutrition, food service management and food production through on-campus events and simulated restaurant experience. Dietetics/Nutrition Students are invited and encouraged to take part in the Dietetics Club endorsed by the Associated Student Government of Los Angeles City College. The club purpose is to bring nutrition and healthy diet practices to the Los Angeles City College Community.

Application Procedure and Program Requirements for the DSS:

  1. New students are accepted each semester. High School graduation is not required.
  2. Register for Fall semester between May and August and Spring semester between November and January.
  3. Register for classes as outlined. Class size is strictly limited. Early registration insures acceptance in class.
  4. Pay current low community college fees.
  5. Textbooks, uniform, skid resistant shoes, lab coat, student liability insurance, health screening, fingerprinting, drug screening, background check are required.

Starting Salary Range: $28,281 - $57,072

Contact the LACC Dietetic Department for questions about course pathways.

Gayle Stafsky, MS, RD 
(323) 953-4000 ext. 2291

The mission of the Dietetics program is to prepare graduates with the foundational knowledge, skills and/or competencies for current dietetics practice and lifelong learning.

  • A student prepared dish of couscous garnished with lime
  • Students prepping food in the lab.
  • Students working in the food lab.
  • Students prepping in the food lab.
  • A student prepared dish of vegetables and rice
  • A student searing vegetables.
  • Students in the food lab.
  • Students cooking vegetables in the food lab.