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Dental Prosthetic Technology

Current Course Syllabus

FALL 2019

DENTAL PROSTHETIC TECHNOLOGY 101 Introduction to the Dental Laboratory

 An introduction to the modern dental laboratory. Working with gypsum products, as well as model and die production are stressed.

DENTAL PROSTHETIC TECHNOLOGY 102 Dental Anatomy and Terminology

This course provides knowledge of the anatomy, history, funcition and alignment of teeth and supporting structures, including basics comcepts of occlusion.

DENTAL PROSTHETIC TECHNOLOGY 105 Removable Prosthodontics II

Students learn the design, materials ' science and construction of maxillary complete dentures opposing a mandibular Overdenture, reline and repair complete dentures, Immediate Maxillary Denture and Wrought wire Mandibular Stay Plate.

DENTAL PROSTHETIC TECHNOLOGY 108 Gnathological Concepts 

Students will learn about Gnathological concepts of morphology and functional occlusion.Understanding and reconstructing ideal and functional contacts.Organic waxing of the Maxillary and Mandibular teeth occlusal surfaces is accomplished on fully adjustable articulators.


Student will learn about multiple units full contour wax up complete morphology and Gnathological occlusion, pontic designs and their applications, essentials of metal ceramic substructure design and the biomechanical principles and properties involved, chemistry of metal ceramic alloys, fundamentals of spruing, investing and casting. 17 Laws of Casting,Preparation of metal substructure for porcelain application, introduction to all ceramic restorations, ceramic Pressing, CAD/CAM designing and milling, and ceramic Milling.

DENTAL PROSTHETIC TECHNOLOGY 202 Laboratory Management/Internship

This course will provide the opportunity to observe and work with a skilled dental technician in a dental office, clinic, or dental laboratory.

DENTAL PROSTHETIC TECHNOLOGY 208 Advanced Ceramic Restorations

This is an advanced course in the Fixed Prosthodontics specialty level four. This course incorporates advanced Ceramic Restorations analysis, design and manufacturing techniques, including science of materials and their applications. Students will learn the methodology of feldspathic porcelain powders application techniques as it applies to single and multiple units, by incorporating the proper morphologic, functional and optical values. Digital Technology is an integral part of the course instructions and applications.


The students will learn about dental implants including: history, surgical overview, types of implants and implantrestorations, case planning, prosthodontic procedures, laboratory procedures, restorative materials, case finalization.


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A repaired smile, before and after. The photo is an actual case made by an LACC Dental Technology graduate.
Dental Prosthetic Technology

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