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Earth Sciences

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The Earth Sciences Department includes Geography, Geology, Earth Science, and Environmental Science.  Our courses fulfill requirements for General Education (GE) transfer, ADTs (Associate Degree for Transfer) in Geography, Geology, and Liberal Studies, improved employment opportunities, and personal edification.

A sprawling cityscape stretches to the horizon

Geography is best described as a “spatial science”, meaning what differentiates it from other disciplines is that it employs the use of maps and spatial analysis to understand the world.

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A rock strewn hillside with mountains in the distance

Geology studies the solid Earth, including Earth materials, Earth history, and the internal and external Earth processes, including plate tectonics, minerals and rocks, earthquakes, volcanoes, and geological time.

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Earth Science

Earth Science studies the components of the Earth system and their interactions, including the geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere.

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A lush orchard with oil derricks and an aqueduct in the background.
Environmental Science

Environmental Science studies the natural parameters in which we exist; threats and changes to the healthy environments that affect humans and ecosystems, including policies on resource production, pollution, habitat destruction, and climate change.

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