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English / ESL

2018 Writing Contest Winners

English Short Story

1st Place: Johua Moreno for "From Cheers to the Birth of Pok√©mon"

2nd Place: Billy Yates for “Simmer"

3rd Place: Neal McLaughlin for “Labor Day”

English Poetry

1st Place: Nicole Y. Johnson for “The Jungle After Dark”

2nd Place: Benjamin Maries for “Danny’s”

3rd Place: Christopher Porcaro for “…Gardner, if Names Stuck to Her”

Honorable Mention: Kenny Carranza for "My Cousin the Chola"

ESL Short Story

1st Place: Margarit Kharzaryan for "How the Usual Became Unusual"

2nd Place: Monica Kyte M. de Guzman for “Hear Me Out”

3rd Place: Yunmi Jo for "A Page that Began a Book"

Honorable Mention: S M Keramat Ali for "The Greatest Punishment"