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English / ESL

Welcome to LACC Credit ESL Program!  

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The English and ESL Department offers a comprehensive credit ESL Program for students whose native language is not English. Our program serves a variety of students from different language and cultural backgrounds. Our 6-level reading, writing, listening and speaking sequences prepare students for skills that are needed for both academic and life work. We aim at providing quality instruction, supportive and professional student services to help students meet their academic goals.

Our classes start at the low-intermediate to high-advanced levels and now transfer level with flexible morning, afternoon, and evening schedules

Is Credit ESL for you?

Our Credit ESL Program provides college preparation and academic language instruction. It prepares students for:

  • Certificate and degree programs  
  • Transfer to a 4-year university  
  • Vocational certificates  
  • Language skills needed for GED tests 
  • Advancement in jobs or careers  

Students may quality for financial aid and work study when studying in the credit programs.

ESL Courses and Levels Offered at LACC

  Required Course Highly Recommended Courses
Level Writing and Grammar Reading and Vocabulary Listening and Speaking
Low-Intermediate ESL 3A ESL 3B ESL 3C
Intermediate ESL 4A ESL 4B ESL 4C
High-Intermediate ESL 5A ESL 5B ESL 5C
Advanced ESL 6A ESL 6B ESL 6C
High-Advanced ESL 8    
Transfer ESL 110    

Learn more about the ESL levels offered at LACC

ESL to English Sequence

After completeing ESL 8, students may register for English 101 - College Reading/Comprehension or E.S.L. 110 - College Composition for Non-Native Speakers