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Faculty General Rules and Information


General Information

Be sure to check your LACC Math Department mailbox frequently and return requested materials ASAP. In addition, much department information is communicated by email. You will need to check email on a regular basis to avoid missing departmental information. If you are not receiving email messages from the department, please contact our department secretary, Ms. Sofia Mednik to ensure that we have your correct address.


Please tell your students to send all communications to you either through your Math Department mail box or, from off-campus, mailed through the U.S. Postal Service. They should not call the Math Department secretary except in an emergency. (An absence is not an emergency!) The Academic Senate recommends that you include on your syllabus information about how to contact you, both voicemail and email.


Please observe all deadlines. Drop Rosters impact the school financially; Placement and Final Grade Rosters impact students directly. Please review the difference between a Withdrawal (W) and an Incomplete (INC), as well as Credit/No Credit vs. Letter Grade with your students.

Instructor Absences and/or Class Cancellations

Report ALL instructor absences and/or class cancellations to the Math Department secretary, Ms. Sofia Mednik at (323) 953-4000 ext. 2810 as soon as possible. She will post a Class Cancelled sign, along with any messages (i.e. assignments, rescheduled tests, etc.) at your classroom for classes starting between 8:00am and 7:00pm.


All teacher substitution assignments must be formally arranged with the Department Chair through the Department Secretary. When you need a sub, be sure to provide written information (email is fine) giving detailed information about what the sub is supposed to cover. At this time, due to the college finances, there is a very small chance of having budget for the sub pay!

Adjunct Faculty Assistance

If you have any questions about LACC procedures, the Department policy or curriculum, please call the department Office.

Math Tutoring Lab (Pi-Shop)

Please publicize the Pi-Shop located in FH 104. The Pi-Shop Tutoring Center office hours vary between regular semester and summer/winter intersession. Please refer office hours at Pi-Shop Tutoring Center main page.

There are also computer programs that provide tutorial assistance. All LACC math students are welcome to take advantage of these services.

Student Responsibilities

Remind students to read the general information and policies outlined in the Schedule of Classes and emphasize that it is the student's responsibility to follow through on them.

Course Organization and Material
Course Content

Teachers are required to cover all of the material in the Course Outline of Record. Additional topics may be covered if there is extra time. A student's ability to transfer/continue may be jeopardized if portions of the course material are not covered. Current Outlines of Record are available from the Math Department Office.


Make sure that a dated copy of your current semester’s syllabus is on file in the Math Department Office. You must also post ALL Your Syllabi to the Academic Affairs office online using the college website. Your syllabi should contain:

  • Prerequisites, if any
  • Required and recommended textbooks
  • A summary of course content and objectives based on approved course outlines
  • A tentative schedule of topics to be addressed in the class
  • Tentative dates of tests, midterms, papers, other course assignments
  • Date of final assigned by the college
  • Guidelines for papers and other assignments
  • Description of the grading system, including the percentage of the grade allotted to tests, exams, reports, papers, attendance, etc.
  • Instructor’s policy on late assignments and make up tests
  • Instructor’s policy on attendance and tardiness (Title 5 regulations specify that students will attend class regularly, and that instructors will have a method of monitoring attendance on a regular basis to determine whether a student is still actively pursuing the completion of the course.)
  • Lab hours and policies, if applicable
  • For part-time instructors, your official LACC email address and office hours, as well as instructions for communicating through campus mail and the location of your mail box
  • Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) for the course (All SLO documents can be obtained from Ms. Sofia Mednik.)
  • And, by the way, remember to include your name on the syllabus. You’d be amazed at the number of students who midway through the semester can’t identify their instructor by name!

The Department carefully chooses the textbook for each course. Please follow it for content and for degree of rigor and PRICE to students.

Supplementary Materials for Students and Instructors

Textbook supplementary materials for students are available in the bookstore. Supplementary materials for instructors are usually listed in the Preface to the text. We have some but not all of these on hand. If you need a supplement, check with the department secretary. Either she will provide it for you or will assist you in ordering it.

Disabled Students Center

If you have students with documented learning disabilities, they may bring forms to request testing accommodations which we are obliged by law to provide. Be sure to keep a copy of the form on hand so you are prepared to provide the accommodation and to get tests to the DSC in advance of the designated test time. The Department Secretary is not always able to contact you readily when the Center calls looking for an expected test.

Class Meeting Times

Faculty members are expected to be on time to class and meet classes for the stated length of time. This is a legal responsibility. Class beginning and ending times may not be changed without the approval of the Department Chair and the appropriate administrator.


If a class has break-time allowed, college policy states that the break may not be given either entirely at the beginning or entirely at the end of class. The break times provided in college policy are:

Class meeting time of 2 hrs 20min - 2hrs 25 min:

  • Allowed break: 10 minutes

Class meeting time of 3 hrs 5min - 3 hrs 20 min:

  • Allowed break: 20 minutes
Student Attendance

Students who are registered and miss the first time the class meets may lose their right to a place in the class. Whenever students are absent more than 10% of the total meeting days of the class, the instructor may exclude them from class. If the instructor determines that there are no mitigating circumstances that may justify the absences, the instructor may exclude a student from the class. Students are responsible for officially dropping a class that they stop attending.

Record Keeping

Instructors should keep attendance rosters, finals, and all tests that are not returned to the students for at least one year after the end of the semester in case of grade challenges and late add requests.

Final Exams

The College provides a final exam schedule during the regular 15 week semesters. Faculty members are expected to administer their finals during the scheduled period. The Final Exam Schedule is available in the ONLINE published Schedule of Classes.

Classroom Location

Classroom assignments are carefully mapped out, with consideration given to many factors. We are legally required to know where a class meets. All classroom changes must be approved in advance. Requests for changes should be discussed with the Department Chair. No informal, unapproved relocation is allowed.


Desks and chairs are distributed as deemed appropriate by the Administration. Do not move them in or out of your classroom.


Remind students that there is no food or drink, other than water, allowed in our classrooms. Our goal is to keep our teaching areas clean. We all need to assume this responsibility if we want to keep the building in decent shape.

Math Computer Classrooms, FHB04, FHB06, FH106, FH119, FH201, FH202, FH206, FH208, FH301 & FH302, ADM305, ADM321

Our computer classrooms require an additional bit of care. It is especially important to remind students that food and drink are not allowed in this classroom because the “debris” can be harmful to the computers. Instructors teaching in JH 310 are asked to lock the room when they finish class to minimize unsupervised room use.

Hallway Noise

Due to the staggered scheduling of classrooms, please remind students to be quiet in the hallways, corridors, and balconies as they gather before and after class.

Chalk/White Board Supplies

Extra white chalk, colored chalk, black, red, green and/or blue white board markers are available in the Math Department Office and the Math Workroom. The white board markers account for a significant expense in our department budget. Please cap the markers when not in use to prolong their usefulness. The department generally uses cloth wipes to clean the whiteboards. These are available in the department office and in the workroom.


If you encounter a facility problem (too few chairs, missing podium, etc.) please bring it to my attention so we can have it addressed.