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Los Angeles City College Math Contest for High School and Middle School Students, since 1951

The next LACC Math Contest will be held on March 7, 2020.
About the Contest

LACC invites high school students to enter our Annual Mathematics Contest to be held on our campus in March. This is an opportunity for you to win money, a scholarship, and recognition.

The problems to be solved in this competition require a solid algebra and geometry foundation. These problems challenge the student's ability to think and synthesize rather than recall standard solution techniques from their courses. We believe this will give students with different backgrounds an equal footing. Knowledge of trigonometry and calculus is not required for almost all questions. There may occasionally be a problem requiring knowledge of trigonometry or calculus.

Please understand that calculators are NOT allowed to be used during the contest.

Minimum Qualifications to Enter the Contest

The contest is open to all junior high and high school students in Southern California.

Please visit the following pages for more information:

Upcoming Contest and Registration

Top Scores of Past Winners

Awards and Grants

Top Scores of School Competitions

Sample Questions


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