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Herb Alpert Music Center

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Welcome to the Herb Alpert Music Center at LACC! Scroll down for more information on our department. [Image: a member of a jazz band plays a brightly colored saxophone].

The LACC Music Academy at the Herb Alpert Music Ce‚Äčnter offers a streamlined curriculum to create a transfer-ready, work-ready, and enriched student community through the following two-year pathway options for all Music majors:  

  • Associate of Arts (AA) in Music: Two-year degree at the community college level  
  • Associate of Arts (AA-T) Transfer in Music: Guarantees transfer to four-year CSU universities under Music Breadth Studies major 
  • Certificates of Achievement in Music: Variety of areas in Music, such as Songwriting/Composition, Music Technology, Instrumental Performer, Vocal Performer  
  • Applied Music Program for Transfer: Designed for students seeking to transfer to four-year universities or conservatories to complete a Bachelor of Arts/Music degree.
    • Applied Music Program offers private, individual lessons to prepare students for auditions and performances.   
    • The private lesson scholarship is awarded up to $1500 per student each semester (fall and spring) 
    • Acceptance into the Applied Music Program requires a video or live audition in addition to the LACC Music Academy/Herb Alpert Scholarship application.    
    • Students accepted into this program must be a full-time music major for two years and enroll in required music courses.   
    • Through established transfer agreements, Applied Music Program students who complete the required courses have a streamlined pathway to the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music and California Institute of the Arts Herb Alpert School of Music.  

The LACC Music Academy Herb Alpert Scholarship is a tuition scholarship offered to all full-time Music majors committed to studying two years at LACC and selecting the pathway options in Associate of Arts in MusicAssociate of Arts Transfer in MusicCertificates of Achievement in Music and/or Applied Music Program for Transfer. This scholarship amount is up to $966 per semester ($46 per unit) and available for in-state, out-of-state, and international students.

Wake Up | Keshell Phillips

The LACC Music Academy Outstanding Honors Performance Award is given to one or more Music Majors each semester who demonstrate excellence in musical performance. Outstanding Student Performers are selected in the areas of all instruments (piano, woodwinds, brass, strings, guitar and percussion), voice, music technology, and composition.

Keshell Phillips (singer/songwriter) is one of three Fall 2021 recipients of the award. This semester she completed the LACC Music Academy (Applied Music Program), along with ten other students, and looks forward to transferring next fall.

Meet Our Fall 2021 Transfer Students

  • Alice Avery
    Alice Avery

    Commercial Voice | Cal State Long Beach

  • Henry Baskin
    Henry Baskin

    Commercial Guitar | UCLA

  • Lukas Casto
    Lukas Casto

    Commercial Guitar | UCLA

  • Benyamin Dabiri
    Benyamin Dabiri

    Composition | UCLA

  • Sophia Fichter
    Sophia Fichter

    Singer-Songwriter | Arizona State University

  • Daniel Glickman
    Daniel Glickman

    Composition (Masters) | Cal State Long Beach

  • Isabell Hernandez
    Isabell Hernandez

    Singer-Songwriter | CalArts

  • Lioness Kamara
    Lioness Kamara

    Singer-Songwriter | CalArts

  • Maxwell Lochrie
    Maxwell Lochrie

    Commercial Guitar | UCLA

  • Karla Lopez
    Karla Lopez

    Violin | Cal State Northridge

  • Nastazia Lukic
    Nastazia Lukic

    Commercial Voice | Belmont University

  • Benjamin Nix-Bradley
    Benjamin Nix-Bradley

    Media Composition | Cal State Northridge

  • Joseph Rodriguez
    Joseph Rodriguez

    Music Technology & Production | CalArts

  • Alonso Santana
    Alonso Santana

    Bass | UCLA

  • Joshua Trevizo
    Joshua Trevizo

    Drums | CalArts

  • Kristopher Wismer
    Kristopher Wismer

    Drums | UCLA

Congratulations Fall 2021 Transfer Students!      UCLA: Henry Baskin, Lukas Casto, Benyamin Dabiri, Maxwell Lochrie, Alonso Santana, Kristopher Wismer      CalArts: Isabell Hernandez, Lioness Kamara, Joseph Rodriguez, Joshua Trevizo      Cal State Northridge: Karla Lopez, Benjamin Nix      Cal State Long Beach: Alice Avery, Daniel Glickman      Belmont University: Nastazia Lukic      Arizona State University: Sophia Fichter

Herb Alpert Foundation Donates $10.1 Million to LACC: Music Majors Receive Tuition-Free Studies

Trumpeter Herb Alpert, known for his unique brand of Latin-tinged jazz pop, and for being a co-founder of A&M Records, a label that released key albums by artists from Cat Stevens to Janet Jackson, is now making his mark on education.
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