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NonCredit Adult Education

High School Equivalency (HSE) Preparation (GED/HiSET)

The General Education Development (GED) Test measures your knowledge and academic skills against those of today's traditional high school graduates. Students who pass the GED (or HiSET) test will be granted a California High School Equivalency (HSE) Certificate.

High School Equivalency Test Preparation

Certificate of Competency

Total Lecture Hours: 216
(State Code: 36276; TOP Code: 493062; Academic Plan: C036276E)

The High School Equivalency Test Preparation certificate of competency prepares students to pass subject tests in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies in preparation for a High School equivalency test (GED, HiSET or the TASC).

Program Student Learning Outcomes:
  1. Enhance ability to read, understand, and use information in the context of social studies.
  2. Develop an understanding of science, the study of living things structure, revision of sentences/passages, reading and conventions related to an official science test.
  3. Practicing and demonstrating arithmetic, the metric system, algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability problems.
  4. Examine critical thinking, reading comprehension, interpreting graphs, analyzing literature and the arts, tone and style/prose fiction, interpreting poetry, drama, plays, non-fiction and commentaries.
Program Requirements
Required Courses Course Title Hours
BSICSKL 083CE GED/HiSET Preparation: Literature and the Arts 54
BSICSKL 084CE GED/HiSET Preparation: Mathematics 54
BSICSKL 085CE GED/HiSET Preparation: Science 54
BSICSKL 086CE GED/HiSET Preparation: Social Studies 54

Here at AACC we have had an adult education program since 1992. Our high school preparation classes and our program is a very comprehensive program, but it's also served our students - and welcome them to a community college so they feel like they're not only attending a GED course or a high school preparation course but they're also attending college. They receive all their support services any other student will receive a lot of these students they just have a lot that a lot of challenges that they're trying to overcome. They didn't finish their high school diploma, maybe because they emigrated here, maybe because they dropped out of school. In high school, we live in a crazy society where we're a little sheet of paper, a little high school equivalency piece of paper like a GED, does not make you a better person, does not necessarily make you a better employee, but what it does is it opens up doors.

When I decided to take the GED class I wasn't sure, but I decided to do it and I came in the first day I feel I was afraid but the professors there are so nice. They got fashion, I told him, I told them about me about the I'm not really good to speak English and then tell me “oh you don’t have a” - and he said “you're gonna be good, it's gonna be great” and that made me confidence. 

I started realizing how many lives you change there's a lot of rewards in in helping someone especially when you see them graduate, and and go you know everything is possible if you want to do it you can do it.

Success is not one out of you know, one or two or three students out of the class succeeding, but for all of us to succeed.

GED Educator Juan Guerra

My name is Juan Ramon Guerra. I am a counselor for Los Angeles City College.

I came to the United States because I heard that was the land of opportunities. I decided to get my GED because it was for me an opportunity to be acculturated, to be adopted to the United States, plus the key for me to be successful in the United States.

I work at Los Angeles City College in the non-credit department with people who go there people that don't speak, read or write English. I advise them to take the GED preparation classes for them to increase their knowledge of the American system plus to feel more comfortable living in the United States.

As an immigrant the GED means to me happiness, knowledge, education. The GED is like a key to opening a door in the United States to be successful to feel more confident to feel that I am doing something with my time. I am trying promote it to immigrants because immigrants we don't know. We just come to the United States just to work.

The subject that as an immigrant is very hard for us is reading comprehension. You cannot talk or write without having vocabulary. You must have plenty of vocabulary to express yourself verbally and reading. I concentrate myself on reading comprehension.

After obtaining the GED the students come back to my office so excited and happy. The first thing they say is "Juan I got it!” And I say "yes!"