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Theater Arts / Theatre Academy

Eddie Bledsoe

MFA (Theatrical Design) USC; BS (Fashion Design) Woodbury Univ.; BA (Design) UCLA; Menswear designer; Costume and Scenic designer for theatre and film, Eddie Bledsoe is Chair of the Theatre Academy and also Head of the Costume Program.

  •  Named by Variety as one of ten “Leaders in Learning” in 2010.
  •  A recognized fashion historian, he has been featured on The Biography Channel series Fashion Icons; Paramount Studio’s re-release of Sabrina.
  • Contributed to articles:
    • WWD Scoop, What’s the Big Idea
    • New York Times Magazine, The Plus-Sized Mystery in Women’s Fashions
    • C Magazine Balenciaga
    • LA Times Magazine, What We Wore
  • Recognized twice for his design achievement by the Kennedy Center  American College Theatre Festival for The Unseen Hand and Anton's Uncles, 2010 and 2012

Anton's Uncles in Kennedy Center




Anton's Uncles in Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.

  • Previous costume design awards include:
    • New York Film Festival, Rockets’ Red Glare
    • Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, No Easy Way
    • The Vienna Festival, Quotations From a Ruined City
  • Published work includes Art +Performance, the Life of Reza Abdoh
  • Eddie is the creator of the iconic DaVinci shirt that has come to be identified with many characters in television and film, such as Kramer on Seinfeld and Charlie on Two and a Half Men.