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Teaching Learning Center

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The Teaching Learning Center is the academic computing and technology center for faculty and staff at Los Angeles City College. The center provides assistance and training in the use of computer hardware with particular emphasis on supporting classroom instruction. We also offer software training, including standard office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as specialized multimedia applications and proprietary administrative software.

The center provides a pilot/demo location for exploring new technologies and a central repository of shared equipment allowing many departments to utilize more expensive items without incurring repeated costs.

We coordinate Internet-facilitated distance education for the campus to encourage and support the use of the Internet as a strategy for addressing facility constraints, student learning styles, and accessibility considerations.

Personnel in the TLC represent the academic departments on the campus web development team, providing both direct support and assistance in the development of departmental and course web sites.

The Teaching Learning Center is arranged into two training/meeting areas. One area is a multimedia technology lab provided for faculty and staff needs: computer usage, workshops, demonstrations, and presentations. The other area is for conferences and other small group activities such as the staff Book Club program and Title V reviews.

The center provides a wide range of technical expertise and can assist in the use of conventional software as well as the creation of web sites and multimedia instructional material. Special trainings are available for faculty and staff to update their knowledge of campus/district systems. Consulting and programming services are available by appointment only.

Staff Development Seminars and Workshops are offered to enhance personal and professional growth in the areas of computer literacy, technological proficiency, teaching and learning. Flex credit may be requested for technology workshops.

Online Resources 

  • Macs & PCs for faculty & Staff on a walk-in basis
  • Laptop rentals
  • Scanner and Printers
  • Earbud Headsets
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 and/or Office Home and Business 2016 for Mac software for $9.95 each. All LACC faculty and staff are eligible to buy one of each for a personal computer and/or laptop. Order your copy now by visiting using Chrome or Firefox (not Internet Explorer). Enter your LACC email address – an email will be sent to you. 
  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification Training & Testing
  • Support for Web-Enhanced teaching using Canvas
  • Assistance with Web-based Learner-Centered tools to foster student engagement
  • Making your Class Accessible
  • Creating Accessible MS Office Documents & Accessible .PDFs
  • Prezi Presentations
  • Enhanced PowerPoint Presentations
  • Zoom Tele-Conferencing
  • VoiceThread
  • Podcasts
  • Google Docs & Google Drive
  • OneDrive & Dropbox
  • Utilizing Rubrics for your Class Assignments
  • YouTube, Vimeo & Edutube Accessible videos for your class

Mission Statement

The mission of the Teaching Learning Center is to provide faculty and staff with training and technical assistance to support instruction, with an emphasis on using technology to increase teaching effectiveness, student learning, and to support distance learning.