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Joni Varner

Cinema 2: Beginning Motion Picture Workshop

This the LACC Cinema 2 Class Home Page

Cinema 2 Joni Varner's fall 2022 class - Schedule Dates 


The Cinema 2 classes will be in the distance education/online fall semester 2022. One class section 13389/91 (Shields) will be taught in-person on campus.
One section will be taught online with no required meetings 25713/4 (Varner)
Two sections (Trudgeon) will be taught on Zoom with required meetings 13394/96 (Mondays 11-11:50 am) & 13399/02 (Mondays 6-6:50pm) 

All classes will teach enhanced skills for mobile cinema technology using student-owned equipment (i.e., smartphones, cameras), with online instruction, screenings and peer-review for individually produced short video projects. Some portable video and sound equipment will be available for pick-up on campus for student use during the semester. There will also be video editing lab access for Cinema 2 students on-campus during specificed hours. 

My class (Varner) will be Zoom meetings through Canvas. These meetings are recommended, but not required. Recordings of the meetings will be available through Canvas. You are not required to have a Zoom or Canvas account - it is all done through the student portal:

If you need help with Canvas, or logging into the Student Portal, call the toll-free Student Help Line at 1-888-930-5222.

Information to help students also about free internet access and laptop give aways:



Class meeting times.

Will be announced through Canvas and will be through optional Zoom meetings

Understanding Shooting Permits/ Where to get them

Link for Permission to Shoot on the LACC Campus

LACC FACILITES REQUEST FORM (depending on pandemic guidelines)

  1. Students must give the Facilities Administration 10 days in advance notice.
  2. A script or storyboard should be uploaded with this link. This is to help inform the Sheriff's office and other groups using the campus on what to expect.
  3. Sundays & Holidays - Buildings are closed, and if the student needs to film inside of the building, during these times, and permission is granted, Facilties Administration needs to hire someone to open and close the building and monitor. 

Link for Permission to Shoot in the City/County of LA

FILMLA STUDENT PERMITS (depending on pandemic guidelines)


Cinema Safety Guidelines 


Resources for Storyboarding


Camera & Support Information


Shooting with Double System

While many filmmakers get fabulous picture with their camcorders and HDSLR’s, they often have poor sound.  Double system is a great way to get excellent sound at it can be done at a low cost.   Here are two excellent products.   The first is the Zoom audio recorder which can be obtained at many electronic stores and the second is the Pluraleyes or Dualeyes software,  produced and sold by Singular.  Here are links to more information.


Free Sound Effects and music Websites

Here are a few sites that offer free sound effects and music. But read the terms carefully. Most charge for use outside of home or classroom.