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Joni Varner

Shooting Permits & Offices

Shooting Permits for LACC Cinema 2 Class

(There are four different types of Locations/Requirements)

1) LACC CAMPUS (To Shoot on the LACC Campus - use this facilities link. Approval will come electronically from your instructor & the Cinema/TV department chair. No other city permit needed to shoot on campus. This will take ten days for processing. Follow all rules & instructions).

2) Shooting Permits for the City/County of Los Angeles: Film LA (Sunset Blvd. Office: You need to take a physical letter from your instructor, cash, Student ID, insurance is already provided LACCD. This can take as little as 72 hours for processing. Follow all rules & instructions.)  

3) Shooting Private Liability Insurance (This is for a privately owned location that asks for its own insurance. Example: restaurants, museums, apartment complexes.  You need to provide the information of the OWNER of the property on this form, not just the manager, including a clear email address.  Once the form is completely filled out and signed by your instructor it goes to the LACC Cinema/TV Department Chair for processing. This typically takes 1-2 weeks.

4) Shooting Permits: Individual Cities (Each City, NOT covered by Film LA has its own requirements to follow.  Below is a partial list only, consult each cities’ website. You will need at least two weeks lead time to get the liability insurance in place through the Cinema/TV Department Chair. Follow all rules & instructions.)

In order to legally shoot a film on public property (and sometimes private property), you are required to have a permit. A letter must be obtained from you instructor indicating that you are a student and that the film will not be used for commercial purposes. The Los Angeles City College is registered with FilmLA and the City of Los Angeles so student permits can be obtained in Los Angeles. These are Municipalities other than Los Angeles. See the websites below for complete information on the permits you might need. Most of the needed forms can be downloaded.

City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, Southgate, Diamond Bar and others

Film L.A Inc.
6255 W. Sunset Blvd., 12th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone:  213.977.8600, main fax: 213.977.8610, permit fax: 213.977.8601  website: FilmLA/

Procedure for Applying for Student Permits through FilmLA

City of Long Beach


Contact the Special Events & Film Office
Phone: (562) 570-5333 Fax: (562) 570-5335

City of Burbank

Contact the Traffic Bureau of the Burbank Police Department at (818) 238-3105, fax 238-3109, no less than 48 hours prior to start of proposed filming.

City of Santa Monica

1685 Main St., Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone 310-458-8737, Fax 310-576-3598

City of Beverly Hills

To start the permit process, please first contact Community Services - Filming and Special Events at (310) 285-2408.

City of Pasadena

By appointment only

Phone (626) 744-3964, Fax (626) 744-4785


City of Culver City

Film Permit Coordinator: 
Phone: 310-253-6212
Fax: 310-253-6220

City of West Hollywood

State Of California

No charge for permits