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Joni Varner

Casting Resources

Below are some of the casting services available to students. Students choosing to use these resources must take great care when contacting talent. Remember, some are professional actors, and they expect student filmmakers to be professional.

Here are some of the perks you should offer them:

  • If you expect your shoot to last less than 6 hours, please offer your talent a healthy snack; always have water available for them.
  • If your shoot will run 8 or more hours, please provide one snack and one full meal. You may look at for a caterer.  Some caterers seek out small and independent productions. If you're pressed for time, you may put together a meal via Costco, Vons, Ralph's, Albertson's deli section, Subway Sandwich Shop, etc.
  • If you will be shooting more than one day, please offer your talent some kind of stipend to cover the cost of their transportation (i.e. gasoline, bus ticket, etc.)

ALWAYS provide your talent with a copy of their performance on both DVD and an editable format such as .avi or .mov file.

Casting Websites

IMPORTANT: Indicate in your posting that it is a student project and the actor will get paid with a copy of the film, get screen credit, and be provided meals.

Please keep in mind if you abuse these services, they may choose to deny students from using them in the future.