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Vania Yalamova

Job Readiness

Skills Wanted by Employers:

Skills Wanted (Blueprint for Workplace Success Book)

Skills Wanted (Many Ways to Win Book)

Job Growth and Education Requirements (Georgetown Univ.) Skills Wanted on pp.7-9

Get Soft Skills (Importance of Soft Skills - Career Briefs)

Top 10 People Skills (or Soft Skills - Career Briefs)

Library of Workplace Skills (Career Briefs)

Setting Goals / Managing My Time Effectively:

Skills Wanted (Blueprint for Workplace Success Book)

SMART Goals (Many Ways to Win Book)

Resume Preparation:

Preparing a Resume (Blueprint for Workplace Success Book)

Video: Keys to Creating a Great Resume (

Resume Samples: Hotel Manager, Customer Service, Sales / Driver

Preparing a Cover Letter:

Cover Letter Format Guidelines  &  Sample Cover Letter

Cover Letter & Resume Guidelines (University of Virginia)

Cover Letter Tips & Advice (CareerOne)

Applying for a Job:

Job Search Websites & Using Tabs

Using LinkedIn to Find a Job (Westwood College) Also look for chapters 2-6

Social Media and Employers (Media Bistro)

Preparing for an Interview:

Preparing for the Interview (Blueprint)

Interview Tips Game (Blueprint)

Interview Tips & Why People Don’t Get Hired (misc. sources)

More Interview Tips & Questions

Keeping Your Job:

Keeping Your Job (Blueprint)

Having Good Manners (Video Professor)

Professional Emails (Video Professor)

Dressing Professionally (Video Professor)


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