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Is This The Right Fit For Me?

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Answer the questions below to determine if the LACC Online Academy is a good fit for you. This quiz is anonymous and non-binding; the answers you provide here will not be recorded and do not affect your ability to apply to the program.

Are you a high school graduate?

A highschool Diploma or GED is required to enroll in the LACC Online Academy.

Earn your GED online at LACC! Enroll with the Non-Credit Department today!

Enroll in the LACC Non-Credit GED Program

Do you currently live in the state of California?

Currently the LACC Online Academy is only available to students living in the state of California. Out of state applicants are not eligible to participate.

LACC's other online classes are available to people living outside the state. LACC offers a wide variety of individual Online Classes in numerous subjects and disciplines.

Learn More About Online Classes at LACC

Can you commit to 20 hours of course work a week?

The LACC Online Academy is a full-time curriculum, and you can expect to spend at least twenty (20) hours on course work per week. We recommend giving it your full attention.

If you would be more comfortable with a less intensive course load, LACC also offers a wide variety of individual Online Classes in numerous subjects and disciplines.

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Are you ready for college level Statistics?

The Business AS-T degree includes courses in Statistics, Economics, and Accounting. Typically, preparation for these courses includes begining and intermediate algebra.

But don't worry, math classes don't begin until the second term. If you are willing to commit the time to getting your skills up to college level, the LACC Online Academy may still be a good fit for you!

The Online Academy provides access to a diagnostic testing program that will show you any gaps in your knowledge and provide you with the opportunity to practice in the areas you may still need to work on.

Do you have ready access to a computer with a web cam, internet access, and enough bandwidth to stream video?

The LACC Online Academy is conducted 100% online, and that means that your access to the internet will need to be rock solid in order to complete the program.

Course work will need to be uploaded several times a week, and some courses may require video interaction through the use of a web cam.

Consider taking courses in person instead! LACC offers over 100 Degrees and Certificates, all available for only $46 per unit for California residents.

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Your answers to the questions above indicate that you are are a great fit the LACC Online Academy!

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