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Frequently Asked Questions

I am an AB 540 student. Am I eligible to apply for CalWORKs?

Yes. AB 540 students are eligible to apply for CalWORKs.

What happens if I drop a class? Am I still enrolled in CalWORKs?

Yes. You are still enrolled in CalWORKs. However, if you are considering dropping a course, then we highly recommend that you speak to a CalWORKs counselor before you do.

What happens if I am late for an appointment?

We do have an on-time policy for appointments. If a student is late 10 minutes, then he/she will not be seen by the counselor.

Can I still get CalWORKs if I get financial aid?

Yes. Most college loans, grants, and work-study are “excluded income.” That means your cash aid should not be reduced because you receive financial aid.

Does study time count toward my hours?

Yes. On-campus supervised study lab hours do count toward your weekly activity requirements. Your college CalWORKs counselor will inform you how many study hours are allowed, which depends on your class schedule.

Does work-study count toward my 32 hours?

Yes. The County must count work-study toward either a SIP’s or Vocational Training Referral student’s 32 hours. If your County case manager has informed you that work-study doesn’t count, please inform your college CalWORKs counselor immediately.

Does the money that I earn from Work-Study count against my cash aid or food stamps?

No. As long as the money that you earn is from CalWORKs Work-Study funds or Federal Work-Study funds, it does not count against your cash aid or food stamps.

I have a verifiable disability. Does my extra study time count toward my 32 hours?

If you have been diagnosed with a verifiable disability, the additional time you need counts toward your 32 hours. These hours may also count toward the 20 core-hour requirement.