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Student Services Are Now Offered Online

The campus will remain closed until further notice, please do not attempt to visit the office in person.

You can live chat with a representative from this office using the information at the bottom of this page, or by visiting the Online Student Services Building. Please note that some services are still in the process of being moved online (including access to campus phone extensions and voicemail) and will vary by office.

We engage, educate and assist students to thrive and successfully contribute to today's economic workforce.

Visit us in person and check out our online resources to explore, choose a career pathway or launch a career.

We also support Employers and Community Partners to recruit our talented diverse students and alumni.

Have a Question? Start Here.

Our staff can assist you with general questions and help get you the assistance you need.


Appointment demand by students will always exceed supply by counselors. In a small attempt to help address some of these issues, we made appointment slots open on a "rolling" basis daily (12:01 a.m.) where the system will automatically search for openings for the following week or if cancellations occur during the current week.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Career Center is to engage, educate and assist students in the career development process to thrive and become successful in today's workforce.