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Cooperative Education Work Experience

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Workplace Learning Objectives


A learning objective is a measurable goal that you set for yourself to be accomplished through work experience. The THREE objectives that you will list are to be worked out between you and your employer/supervisor. These objectives will appear on your rating sheet and your supervisor will determine if you have met your stated goals. ONLY ONE supervisor will evaluate you. Objectives are specific, measurable, and limited to a single definite result that is available during this semester. They will reflect new and/or broadening experiences beyond your normal duties.

Each objective must have four key elements:

  1. The task/goal (What is to be accomplished)
  2. How the task/goal is to be accomplished
  3. How it is to be evaluated
  4. Completion date
  1. Increase sales ten percent by selling related products, developing increased product knowledge, and studying various sales-oriented manuals and books. Supervisor to evaluate through review of sales receipts. Completion date: 5-1-17.
  • Task/goal: increase sales ten percent
  • How accomplished: by selling related products, developing increased product knowledge, and studying various sales-oriented manuals and books.
  • How evaluated: Supervisor to evaluate through review of sales receipts.
  • Completion date: 5-1-17
  1. Establish filing system for office operations by practical application of current and new skills, working with supervisor, locating space and researching the best system to use. Supervisor to evaluate through observation and inspection of new system.
  2. Demonstrate my ability to use Lotus 1-2-3 by making a spreadsheet that reflects monthly sales. Supervisor to evaluate through examination of report.
  3. Create reading and writing lesson plans for third graders by actual experience, instruction from supervisor, and applying current classroom knowledge. Supervisor will evaluate through review of lesson plans.
  4. Perform research of ten different law cases and write a brief on each one by reading, working with supervisor and co-workers, and through instruction. Supervisor to evaluate through review of briefs.

Be careful not to use any of the items listed below because your employer will evaluate these skills:

  • Demonstrates habits of punctuality and attendance
  • Learns and organizes tasks easily and quickly
  • Works tactfully and cooperatively with others
  • Exhibits initiative, alertness, and enthusiasm
  • Meets job performance standards
  • Consistent work output performed with speed/accuracy
  • Works well without supervision/is dependable
Action Words

Begin each objective with an ACTION word:

  • Arrange/Plan/Prepare/Organize
  • Assemble/Collect
  • Build/Construct/Make
  • Complete/Fulfill/Implement
  • Create/Produce
  • Demonstrate/Show
  • Describe/Present
  • Design/Format
  • Develop/Expand
  • Eliminate
  • File/Find/Locate
  • Follow/Pursue
  • Identify/Establish
  • Increase
  • Inform/Teach/Train
  • List/Record
  • Manage
  • Operate/Perform
  • Participate
  • Process
  • Program
  • Reconcile
  • Repair
  • Run
  • Schedule
  • Select
  • Solve
  • Supply
  • Test
  • Write
Remember that objectives are:
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable during this semester
  • New and/or broadening experiences
  • Beyond the normal job duties