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LACC Dream Resource Center

Undocumented Student Allies at LACC

I'm an Unafraid Educator with and for undocumented students!

  • Beatriz Rodriguez (Admissions and Records)
  • Sarah Park (Non-Credit Success Academies)
  • Brianda Alvarez (Non-Credit Success Academies)
  • Jessica Zaldana (Financial Aid Department)
  • Monique Tavison (Financial Aid Department)
  • Victor Chavez (Assessment Department)
  • Tatevik Melkumyan (First Year Experience Program)
  • Reyna Hernandez (ELAC/ Dream Resource Center Coordinator)
  • Jessica Sanchez (Upward Bound Program)
  • Annet Estrella-Torres (EOP&S Program)
  • Hector Aguilar (EOP&S Program)
  • Jessy Cruz (Non-Credit Program)
  • Jerry Ward (EOP&S Program)
  • Keika Stevenson (International Students)
  • Jesus Gomez (Counseling/ Transfer Center)
  • Veronica Garcia (Guardian Scholars Program)
  • Cynthia Gomez (Counseling Department)
  • Juan Guerra (Counseling Department)
  • Oscar Flores (Counseling Department)
  • Carolina Yernazian (Counseling Department)
  • Luisa Cortez- Ortiz (Counseling Department)

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