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Dual Enrollment

Enrollment Steps

Application Process Checklist

The following steps are required for K-12 Students enrolling in a class at LACC. You are considered a "concurrent enrollment" student if you are taking a regular college class on campus (not a class designated for only K-12 students). If you are taking a class at your school site, or a class designated only for K-12 students, then you are considered a "Dual Enrollment" student.

Step 1: Reach out to your High School Counselor

Check with your High School Counselor what class you could take at LACC. When considering Summer or Winter terms keep in mind that courses are more demanding as we cover in a few weeks what it would usually be covered on a regular semester. Due to COVID-19, instruction for all of our classes is online. Many of them required virtual ZOOM meetings.

Don't know what classes we are offering for Dual Enrollment students?

Spring 2021 - Late-Start (April 12th - June 7th, 2021). Check out which classes are currently open to all HS Students. 

Summer 2021 - Dual-Enrollment-Class-Schedule-Summer-2021

**Concurrent Enrollment - Students planning to take other classes at LACC (not offered through Dual Enrollment) must submit a Dynamic Forms (K-12 Supplemental Application). Once approved by Admissions Office, student must regiter for the class direclty from their Student Portal. 

K-12 Summer enrollment opens on May 10, 2021. You won't be able to register in any classes before then.

Step 2: Apply to LACC

Have you applied to LACC or taking a class at any of our LACCD 9 community colleges within the last year? If so, you may skip this step.

If you are a new student, or you have not taken a class during the last year, you must complete an online college application make sure to select the regular 
"College Application". 

You must create an account first with CCC Apply. Once you create an account, make sure to start the application to LA City College and choose the correct term. (Spring, Fall, Summer). Once you submit your application, you will receive an email with your new LACC Student ID # within 72 hours.

Questions? Check out these two guides:

How to create a CCC Apply Account

Step by Step LACC Application Guide

You may also attend one of the weekly Online Zoom Application Workshops on Mondays & Wednesdays from 3:00pm-4:30pm. Join the workshop using the Zoom ID: 3239532455

Step 3: Fill out the K-12 Supplemental Application Form - Dynamic Forms

You are required to complete and turn in a new K12 Supplemental Application Form every semester/term. This form must be signed and approved by you (the student); your parent/legal guardian (if you are under 18); and your School Official.

Additional requirements for K-8 student (under 14 years old): You will also need to submit a recommendation letter from your School Principal or Official, and copy of your school transcripts. If you are taking a class as a Concurrent Enrollment student, you must make an appointment with the Dean of Student Services over the Admissions department for approval.

To complete the Supplemental Form (Dynamic Forms), log in into your Student Portal, and follow these steps

If you do not have access yet to your Student Portal, you can complete this form directly from the Dynamic Forms site.

To complete this form you will need:

  1. LACC Student ID Number (not your High School ID).
  2. The name and email address of your parent or guardian (if you are under 18 years old). Note: The email address must belong to your parent/guardian. You cannot use your own email address.
  3. The name and email address of your School Counselor or Approving Official at your school. 
  4. Complete all questions on Part I: K-12 Student Information
  5. The Term (Spring,Summer,Fall,Winter) and class you want to take. Make sure to put the correct class. For example: Psychology 1, Health 11, Spanish 2, etc.

Your parent or legal guardian will need to create an account with Dynamic Forms to approve and electronically sign your form. Once the form is approved by your parent, your School Counselor / Official will receive an email for approval. 

Need help creating an account with Dynamic Forms? Please watch one of these videos. 

Video For Parents/Guardians

Video for High School Students

Video for K-8 Students & Parents/Guardians

Video for K12 School Counselors / Officials

Step 4: Access your Student Portal and Canvas 

Before your class starts, log in into your Student Portal. From there you can check:

  • Your LACC e-mail account (by the way, your professors and any communication from LACC will be sent to this address) 
  • Your Canvas account. (You can find there the classes you are registered for, attend your Zoom meetings, submit assignments, participante in your class, and contact your professor)

Make sure to Set your Student Portal ahead of time.
Video on How to Log In into your LACCD Account

Step 5: Only for "Concurrent" Enrollment Students

You are considered a "concurrent enrollment" student if you are taking a regular college class on campus (not a class designated for only K12 students). If so, once your K12 Dynamic Form is approved by Admissions office, you must enroll in your class directly from your LACC Student Portal. Check out How to Add a class

Questions? Please contact our Dual Enrollment Team.