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First Year Experience

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FYE Events & Workshops

Weekly and Monthly Events by Different Departments 

Check out some of the workshops and social that we will be putting together this semester. Continue reading for more information on each event as well as other events happening on our campus. If you need to get connected to any workshops below, please contact a Success Coach and they will be more than happy to supply you all the resources needed to get connected to these events.

Reocurring Events

VIRTUAL!!! UCLA Center for Community College Partnerships

FYE and SYE are invited to the transfer geared event just for us: Community College to a UC! Come learn how UCLA Center for Community College Partnerships can help you in your transfer journey! Come become a UCLA CCCP Scholar today!

Coordinator: Perla Partida, M. Ed.

perla winter hoursPronouns: She/Her/Ella

Degrees: Bachelors in Chicanx Studies, Minor in Education, Mastsers in Edcuational Counseling


Time and Location: Wednesday 2pm - 4pm (active until spring break)



Advisor: Vanessa Diaz

Vanessa HoursVanessa Diaz transferred from LA Valley College, majoring in Sociology. Her hours will be Monday from 9am - 12pm and Friday from 12pm -2pm (active until spring break). To make an appointment, visit


Advisor: Alex Quezada

alex winter hoursAlex Quezada transferred from Pasadena Community College, majoring in Political Science. His hours will be Thursday from 1:30pm - 4:30pm (active until spring break). To make an appointment, visit