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Guardian Scholars Program

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All the resources you need to succeed!
Financial Aid Package:
  • Assistance in acquiring a grant
  • Scholarship packages
  • Emergency funding to help with tuition, supplies, and living expenses
Academic Advisement:
  • Assistance with class selection
  • Registering for courses and long-term planning to meet your educational goal of obtaining any trade, degree, or transferring to a university
Tutoring & Mentoring:
  • Receive support in specific subject areas
  • One-on-one peer mentorship
Supplemental Support Services:
  • Assistance with child care
  • Transportation help
  • Book and supply vouchers
Employment Services & Career Counseling:
  • Resume building
  • Job shadowing
  • Advising
  • Job placement
Personal Guidance, Counseling, Tutoring:
  • Regular contact with a consistent counselor to develop and monitor an education plan
  • Assistance with finding housing
  • Referrals and priority with year-round housing agencies