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International Student Program

Au Pair Educational Courses

Au Pair Educational Courses - Now Enrolling!


The Au Pair Educational Courses offered at LACC provide participants the opportunity to earn educational credit at an affordable price. Each course is approximately 36 hours. The first three days of each course are taught via Zoom (12-16 hours) the remaining hours are completed self pace. Complete most of the class hours over a weekend paired with fun assignments that can be completed independently at your own pace. Informational One-Sheet


One Course Rate - $219

Enroll in one 36 hour course and pay only $219 usd

Two Course Rate - $399

Commit and enroll in two courses totaling 72 hours and pay only $399 usd


American Film 
DATES: August 6th - 8th (Zoom)  August 9th - 31st (Self-Paced)

This is an introductory class for anyone who wants to learn about cinema, the history of film and behind-the-scenes stories of how several popular Hollywood films were made.  In addition to providing the opportunity to watch films and discuss the process of filmmaking, this class will also provide the opportunity to develop a higher level of thinking skills within film appreciation.

Hip Hop 101 
DATES: January 2022 TBD

The Introduction to Hip Hop Course is for hip hop fans, aficionados, and newbies to the genre. The course will provide a comprehensive overview of hip hop in the United States, starting with its origins in the South Bronx up until the state of the genre today. Our journey will take us all over the country, learning about the histories of different regional scenes, hearing new sounds and genres, and exploring how the hip hop culture has evolved over time. The class will feature a combination of live lectures as well as online components where you and your classmates will discuss hip hop songs, videos, movies, and more! You may be asked to go on a Youtube scavenger hunt for different rap videos, or even do a review of your favorite hip hop album. This course is about listening to music and having fun with your classmates as you dive deep into this exciting genre.

Live, Learn, Act! Be the Change!

Join this exciting class to discover how small acts make huge impacts on the world.  Engage in thoughtful discussion with new friends and learn how to make positive differences in your community and self.  Through engaging reflection and interactive virtual activities, you will gain a deeper perspective around volunteerism, community action and self-awareness.  Take part in this exciting course to be the change you want to see in the world.

Haunted Landmarks 

This class will examine alleged paranormal phenomena occurring at some of America’s most haunted historic landmarks. From Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia to Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, we will explore the stories behind landmarks that are home to paranormal occurrences that go beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding. Students will be introduced to various equipment used to attempt to communicate with the deceased, including experimenting with EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) sensing devices used to detect and capture specific responses from spirits. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, this class promises to be intriguing and fun!


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