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International Student Program

F-1 Visa Advisement & Academic Counseling

The International Student Program provides F-1 visa international students with immigration advisment with our Designated School Officials, as well as academic counseling with our international student counselor for the following services: 

F-1 Visa Advisement with Immigration Advisor

Academic Counseling with International Counselor

Travel Authorization

I-20 Extension

OPT Application/Reporting

Reduced Courseload Request

Reinstatement Request

Education Plan

Transcript Evaluation

University Transfer Planning

Degree Progress

Academic/Progress Probation and Disqualification

For scheduling an appointment for the services listed above, please contact the International Student Program staff at and provide the following infomration: 

  • Your Name
  • Student ID Number
  • With Whom you would like to schedule an appiontment: an immigration advisor or an academic counselor 
  • Reasons for your appointment
  • Your availability 

Please note that you must have your Student ID number in order to receive academic counseling services, such as transcript evaluation, student education plan, and university transfer planning. Upon receipt of your email request, our office staff will contact you to schedule your appointment.