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International Student Program

How to Apply as a Part-Time (Concurrently-Enrolled) Student

If you are currently attending a U.S. institution that issued your I-20 form and would like to concurrently enroll at Los Angeles City College as a part-time student, please follow the instructions below. Concurrently enrolled students are eligible to apply for full terms (Fall and Spring) and intersessions (Summer and Winter). 

Step 1

Step 1: Complete the LACC’s Online International Application (CCC Apply)

Complete the LACC online application for International Students.

Step 2

Step 2: Email the Following Document to the International Student Program Office

  • Permission letter from your current school that issued your I-20: the permission letter must include your full name, Student ID number, and specific course name(s) in which you are authorized to enroll.

Please email the documents to (please indicate in the subject line "Part-Time Enrollment).